Most of united state are familiar with crate springs, slatted frames, and also other bed frames that support our mattresses. Yet what is a bunkie board? Bunkie boards to be designed as extra assistance for her mattresses.

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What Is a Bunkie Board?

A bunkie plank is a flat board frequently made of particleboard, plywood, or any type of other composite material; designed come fit between a mattress and a bed frame. Bunkie boards room one to three inches thick and also are reduced to complement a certain mattress size. The is usually covered in fabric that protects the base of the mattress from acquiring stuck and tearing.

A bunkie board functions with number of bed boards that incorporate a box spring, box foundation, slatted foundation, steel frame, solid platform bed. But why usage bunkie boards?

History the Bunkie Boards

Bunkie boards also spelled bunky boards, detailed a base because that bunk bed mattresses, therefore the name bunkie boards. Traditional innerspring mattresses compelled a box spring for support and also although crate springs were a kind fit for other beds, they might not provide a systems for bunk beds. Through a mattress and box spring, sleepers on bunk beds would either fight the ceiling or the bed over them as soon as they satellite up. It resulted in the bear of bunkie boards. These boards substituted the box spring so bunk bed mattresses can remain low.

How walk a Bunkie board Work?

A bunkie board is a comfortable equipment that gives a thinner yet solid surface ar that stays clear of mattresses from sinking and also increases the lifespan of your mattress. Professionals recommend bunkie boards for foam mattresses favor polyfoam, memory foam, latex foam, and also hybrid mattresses. A bunkie board might not last as lengthy as your mattress. But, considering its average price point, i m sorry is around $50 come $150, also a few years of usage would be worth investing in one.

Let us go with a couple of bed bases to understand just how a bunkie plank could benefit a sleeper.

Why do You require a Bunkie Board?

Innerspring mattresses work-related well with box springs. Castle not only absorb pressure but also provide extr support. Yet more modern-day mattresses, such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses, do not require a box spring. The main reason is the memory foam mattresses such as polyfoam, storage foam, or latex foam sag if you do not ar them on a solid, level surface.

You need to rest a foam mattress ~ above a solid basic to defend it from losing its shape. If you carry out not very own a bed framework with a heavy base, you deserve to insert a barrier between the mattress and also the frame. The function of the bunkie board starts here. You have the right to place a bunkie plank on peak of any type of bed frame to type a solid, firm surface ar for your brand-new mattress.

Bunkie board vs. Alternatives

To do things also simpler, we have actually mentioned the comprehensive differences in between bunkie boards and other mattress foundations.

Bunkie board vs crate Spring

A box spring has spring coils that operated together to preserve the circulation of weight and also pressure. Modern-day box springs consists a wood or metallic instance with a fabric cover. They execute not carry out the solid base and also stability forced by foam mattresses.

If you want to continue using your old box spring, you can place a bunkie plank on top of it to produce a solid base for the mattress. You need to check the mattress warranty before doing so, as some manufacturers restrict friend from doing so. Girlfriend might additionally need to inspect if her old crate spring have the right to withstand the load of your new foam mattress.

Does your foam mattress need a crate spring? read this article to recognize more.

Bunkie board vs. Plywood

You can place a solid item of plywood below your mattress if you desire a diy bunkie board. The thickness of the plywood have to be at the very least 3/4 of one inch and also should be a perfect fit for your bed. The mattress and frame size must be exact else wise it won’t right well. Friend can additionally place the plywood over your old box spring to safeguard your foam mattress.

Plywood has actually a propensity to chip and also snag, which can damages your mattress cover and even your sheets. ~ above the other hand, a bunkie board will certainly last longer and also prevent damage better than a sheet of plywood.


Bunkie Board dimension Chart

Twin38” x 75”
Twin XL38” x 80”
Full (Double)54” x 75”
Queen60” x 80”
King75” x 80”
California King72” x 84”

Wondering what is the dimension of your mattress? examine out this in-depth guide on mattress sizes.

How to do a Bunkie Board?

Step 1: get the dimensions of her Bed BasStep 2: reduced the Plywood come SizeStep 3: Sand under the edge of the BoardStep 4: cut the Quilted Upholstery cloth to SizeStep 5: Adhere two Pieces the Quilted Upholstery fabric to the BoardStep 6: Fold and Staple the overabundance Quilted Upholstery Fabric

Tips to consider While purchase a Bunkie Board

Once girlfriend decide the a bunkie board is the perfect bed support for your mattress, ask you yourself these questions to come at the finest option for you.

Do you need a urgently bunkie board?What is your budget?What is the right thickness?What are the nearest stores that market bunkie boards, in situation you are going for self-transport?Are bunkie boards accessible for free shipping if you are purchasing online?Which brands market the finest bunkie boards?


Box Springs have ruled the sector for years yet they space not without shortcomings. Bunkie boards support your mattress so the it performs the way you intended it to do. Bunkie boards are an inexpensive and also comfortable equipment to preserve the shape of her mattress because that a lengthy time.


Do civilization still usage bunkie boards?

Yes, human being still use bunkie boards. They are accessible on most residence decor web page or in your local big-box store, and also have become a famous option to box springs.

The expense of bunkie or mattress boards depends on the size of the bed. A typical bunkie board varieties somewhere between $50 and $150. A king dimension bunkie board will certainly cost an ext than a twin bunkie board.

On average, a bunkie board have the right to support approximately 250 pounds. Metal bunkie boards can support as much as 500 pounds, when plywood boards can provide proper assistance to 100 to 200 pounds. It likewise depends top top the dimension of bunkie boards, typically a queen size bunkie board deserve to hold an ext weight than a complete size bunkie board.

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The median lifespan the a bunkie plank is 2-3 years. Steel Bunkie boards and also solid wood bunkie boards last longer as they possess much more weight-bearing capacity and solid resistance to readjust than other bunkie boards.