I"m installing a kitchenaid dual wall cooktop and likewise running a brand-new circuit for it. Its model number is KEBS209B. Ns consulted two local electricians and they stated a 40amp circuit through 8/3 wire will be fine.. But, as soon as I do research online, i se that probably I should have actually used 6/3 wire instead?Length that the operation was around 85 feet.Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I end analyze and also read as well much and it gets the far better of me. ns was concerned about the length of the run of 8/3 cable (voltage fall after 96 feet) because I to be coming nearby to the threshold. And then I review that 6/3 would possibly be better, lol blah blah, yada yada etc.I journey myself in circles.
I would simply run the #8. If the oven is directly 240 friend only require 8-2 through ground, not 8-3 v ground.
I"m running 8/3 and a double-pole 40 amp breaker. Wouldn"t a single pole 40 amp breaker only provide me 120volts?
I"m to run 8/3 and a double-pole 40 amp breaker. Wouldn"t a solitary pole 40 amp breaker only give me 120volts?
you only need 2 conductors +ground for 240*. The conductors in 8-2 go to the two poles that the breaker. The white cable is remarked black color (or red or any type of color however gray or green) top top both ends using bands of colored tape or felt pointer marker. (In Canada use cable intended for 240v. No remarking needed).*3-conductor is supplied for 120/240 wherein a neutral is required. If you used 8-3 because that this the white cable is not used.
I actually simply updated my profile just prior to replying. Damn. I could have saved myself some effort and a couple of bucks with going for 8/2 then. Oy vey! That renders sense now.I recognize what I recognize and an ext importantly, I recognize what ns don"t know, therefore I ask.So if I might ask, *if* ns had linked BLACK come one pole the a 40 AMP breaker, and also RED to the other pole the the 40 AMP breaker, and also both green and also white come ground... And also then in ~ the oven side hooked it up the same way as per the diagram, would certainly that have been ok?The 3 and also 4 cable directions both cite a RED cable, but I guess in the 3 wire united state directions, we would be making use of a WHITE together the RED together you said. And the 3 cable is permitted since we ground with neutral....It"s all coming together now...

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The white is only essential if over there is additionally a 120 volt ingredient in the oven. If not needed the white would just be capped in ~ both ends.

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