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I"ve been trying invain all day to find a socket or wrench to bleed my brakes, and I cant find anything that fits. It"s odd 9mm is to big, 8mm is to small, and I"ve gone through all of my american sized wrenchs and sockets and I cant get anything on there! I hear I need a 6point socket to do this is this true? Any help is appreciated i"m trying to get her back on the road today.Oh btw its a 89 Comanche, if that makes any diffrence


6 point would be the best if your bleeders havent been moved in a while. I have a 91 and just went through this. I used a 3/8 socket.

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Six piont or a line wrench, it should be a 10mm IIRC. Sounds like you may need to get some vise grips on them to get them out and replace them with nice new set bleeders.
Well I ended up snapping both the front bleeder screws in half. Time to whip out the easy out and buying some new bleeders/anti seize gunk
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