You don't have to spend a happiness on a cool technology gift. For tech-savvy friends and family, there space a number of gifts in the $50 range; below are several of the best.

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If you"re concerned about porch pirates or just want a glimpse that what"s walk on in your yard, a home security camera is a must. Top-of-the-line outdoor defense cams have the right to run you numerous hundred dollars, but for those on a budget, Wyze sell an impressive selection of affordable devices. Our Editors" an option pick is the Wyze cam V3, which offers shade night vision, intelligent motion detection, voice control, a integrated siren, and also local video clip storage—for under $40.


Don"t forget around indoor house security. Save tabs ~ above pets and also other valuables with an unobtrusive camera like the Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24, which supplies sharp 2K video, voice control, and also intelligent movement alerts for $40.

If you deserve to spare an extra $12, though, theEufy Indoor camer 2K Pan & Tiltincludes a few additional features (mechanical pan and also tilt, high-resolution video, automatic activity tracking, and intelligent motion and sound detection), earning it our Editors" selection award.

Otherwise, one more sub-$40 option is the Kasa spot 24/7 recording (KC400), which contains local and cloud storage options, support for Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistant voice commands, and also person detection.

The Echo Dot has long to be a space-conscious, affordable means to bring Alexa into your home. And Amazon"s formerly puck-shaped clever speaker now has actually a much more orb-like form and a glowing blue LED. For $50, it"s still the best an easy gateway to Amazon"s Alexa voice assistant.

If you usage Alexa timers often,Amazon"s Echo wall Clockis an easy means to see when they"re about to expire. You"ll need to pair it with an Alexa device like the Dot, though.

If Alexa"s no your jam, the Google swarm Mini is the many affordable Google Assistant smart speaker you deserve to buy. The Mini has actually a couple of tricks up its sleeve, like serving together an intercom and pairing with an ext powerful Bluetooth speakers.

Want to smarten up her TV without adding another set-top box to her entertainment center? A media-streaming dongle plugs right into an HDMI harbor on your TV and also connects come Wi-Fi for easy accessibility to the optimal streaming services. Ours Editors" an option pick is the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K, through 4K HDR, Amazon Alexa, and peppy performance. It"s the ideal media streamer you can buy because that under $50. If you don"t have actually a 4K TV and want to save $10, the third-gen Amazon Fire TV stick isthe finest media streamer for 1080p TVs.

Whether you desire to keep youngsters entertained ~ above a aircraft or auto ride, or require a moment of tranquility from Blippi, Paw Patrol, or whatever children"s programming right now haunts your dreams, headphones are essential. We have actually an detailed roundup of the ideal Kids" Headphones, however our sub-$50 pick room the JLab JBuddies pro Wireless headphones. They sound choose they are created adults through their an extensive bass depth, yet a volume limiter move keeps levels for sure for kids.

The iPad is a lovely device, yet it"ll set you ago at least a couple hundred dollars. Because that those who need a much more affordable means to read ebooks, clock Netflix, and also surf the web, theAmazon Fire 7tablet provides a great basic video clip player and color ebook reader, and it"s very easy to use.

JBL"s walk 3 speaker delivers hard wireless audio power in a waterproof, quickly portable architecture for a short price. Don"t expect an effective bass depth from a speaker this size, however the walk 3 go its best to muster some affluent low-end presence at greater volumes. Because that the price, this a very solid value. An additional option is the portable Tribit StormBox Micro speaker, which delivers full-sounding audio from a weatherproof frame for just $50.

If true wireless earbuds native Apple or Bose don"t fit her budget, it"s Wyze to the rescue. That is Wyze Buds provide quality audio performance with flexible EQ in a water-resistant design, i m sorry is rarely to find for under $50. (If you"re a OnePlus fan, examine out the $50 buds Z, which space solid true wireless earphones for bass lovers v a OnePlus phone.)

Podcasting and also live streaming are huge business these days, and also while the competition is fierce, you"ve got to start somewhere. The no-frills Razer Seiren Mini microphone is short on features, but it"s affordable and also easy to operate for live streamers and podcasters alike. Another top pick? The Blue Snowball Ice, a USB microphone that delivers excellent quality audio for simply $50.

If you"re a data nut who desires to store tabs on your weight, the Wyze Scale offers unbeatable value, through the capability to measure and also track 12 metrics, Wyze band integration, and also a safe mode for pregnant people and those that wear pacemakers.

Whether you"re forgetful or concerned around theft, tracking devices can provide you tranquility of mind and help you save tabs on item you regularly misplace or lose, from secrets to bags. Apple"s AirTag speak your other Apple gadgets exactly wherein to uncover your shed objects, even if they"re miles away.

Apple"s AirTags are currently locked come its very own ecosystem, yet Android users shed things too. Through a according to speaker, a durable body, and also excellent connectivity, the Tile agree is the finest tracker because that Android users.

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If you"re spending much more time at house these days—working, streaming, scrolling—make your an are a little an ext inviting with vibrant smart lights. The affordable Wyze Light strip Pro allows you easily add a splash of smart, programmable interval lighting to any space and regulate it from your phone or by voice. The Wyze Bulb shade offers similar features for your existing lamps.