Bones in Minecraft were added all the way back in 2011 as part of the vast 1.2 beta release.

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There space several means in i beg your pardon players might stumble throughout bones during their blocky adventures, numerous of which have the right to be completely accidental. Fortunately, bones deserve to prove come Minecrafters together highly lucrative items in several different circumstances.

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5 best uses for bones in Minecraft

#5 - Bone in mouth helmet

An interesting however little-known easter egg worrying bones in Minecraft is the truth that when bones are forcefully applied as helmets, rather of floating over the player"s head prefer all other items, the bone article will fairly be inserted in the player"s mouth.

Players have the right to perform this nifty easter egg us in-game via keying the command: /replaceitem entity

Bones can be conveniently crafted into bone meal, i m sorry is a staple in the civilization of Minecraft dyes.

Bone meal has actually the distinctive effect of resulting in Minecraft dyes to become lighter when merged and is absolutely vital in crafting several of the most well-known dyes in the game.

Specifically, bone enjoy the meal is compelled to make: gray dye, irradiate blue dye, lime dye, magenta dye, and pink dye.

#2 - Bone blocks

Players have the right to use bone meal in bespeak to handmade the aesthetically pleasing bone block, i m sorry was included in the 1.16 update.

The bone block somewhat resembles a block of quartz v a touch of roughness around the edges, developing an nearly mysterious flair.

The bone block also functions as very compact storage for bone meal, enabling for 9x an ext efficient storing compared to save on computer the continuous bone meal item.

#1 - Bone meal growing


Bone enjoy the meal is by far the best way players can quickly add a touch of stylistic pizzaz come an otherwise boring landscape.

Players have the right to simply use bone enjoy the meal to any kind of patch that grass castle desire, and also tall grass, flowers, and more will be immediately grown in one otherwise natural-looking fashion.

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If this isn"t enough, bone enjoy the meal can additionally be used to speed up the expansion stage of any type of crop, henceforth allowing players to quickly increase their food it is provided in certain emergencies.