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After summoning up the courage to say hi to her, and having a an excellent conversation, it deserve to leave the finest of guys stumped to work out what come say if she has a boyfriend.

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Why didn’t she point out this earlier?!

If you have actually approached a woman and also felt things were walking well, climate at the point of questioning for her number she mentions she has a boyfriend, this have the right to feel confusing.

You may be left thinking, ‘if you have a friend then how come you’ve been happily chatting to me for the past 10 minutes?’

Why is she talk to you if she has a boyfriend?

There is of course the possibility that her boyfriend is a practically untruth that she’s informing you, because it’s more tough for her to say the she’s just not attracted to you enough to desire to take things further. I recognize this have the right to seem misleading, yet getting into her shoes. Think around how aer that would be come say straight to a guy that friend don’t know really well. Therefore the ‘boyfriend’ line may well be a method she’s do the efforts to give you a polite, ‘thanks however no thanks,’ the spares her feelings.

The other choice is the her boyfriend is very much a actual person. In this circumstances she more than likely didn’t cite him right away due to the fact that it wasn’t necessarily noticeable your conversation with her to be romantically charged. Again: if she brings up the B word also early, it sounds a little presumptuous, no?

She also may have been life in the moment, and genuinely enjoy it flirting v you, but when push pertains to shove, think the far better of it and removes it s her from the interaction.

I recognize why every these things might feel frustrating to it is in on the receiving finish of: however they’re not supposed with malice.

If you’d favor to know women a little better you might like this blog i beg your pardon is all around whether guys or women discover it harder to date. Spoiler alert: the answer may surprise you!

What do you say next?

I desire to offer you 3 different responses come what to say if she has actually a boyfriend.I am of course not among those dating experts that space going come sit here and also encourage you to try and get a woman to rest up v her boyfriend.

Even if you suggest she’s absent out playfully it’s commonly counterproductive. Instead, I want to provide you three totally new strategies for what come say if she has actually a boyfriend.

1. Leaving her happy.

All ideologies (when you begin a conversation through someone you’ve never ever met before) must be built on the principle that you want to leave her emotion happy. Not harassed, or annoyed. Not miffed or bemused. Content. Now, the course, girlfriend can’t regulate how she responds yet the principle of gift altruistic below is a great start. If she has actually a friend this doesn’t average that she doesn’t choose you or that there’s anything wrong with you. That just means she’s gained someone already in she life.

I would usage this as a nice chance to construct her self esteem and also leave both that you smiling by saying something like, ‘he’s a lucky man, have actually a an excellent day.’ This positivity will make girlfriend both feel an excellent and help a bigger cause of females associating hopeful things through a guy approaching them: which sooner or later will benefit you once you approach an additional woman and she’s much more relaxed around the experience

*** it s okay this might never happen however it’s still worth doing! Think that the enlarge picture!


So what to say if she has actually a boyfriend but you’d really choose to gain to know her?

I want you to approach women there is no worrying seeing, ‘I have a boyfriend’ as a rejection. ‘I have actually a boyfriend’ can mean only among 2things:

She has a friend for real. In this case I don’t trust the lame ‘boyfriend destroyer’ lines. There’s enough women in the people that I’d concern your motives because that investing her time in breaking anything increase or engaging through a mrs who’s taken. This create a mess andthis often way that she actually stays in her connection for longer!

She’s speak she has a boyfriend since she wants to let girlfriend down. I understand this indirectness deserve to feel infuriating however it’s not coming native a bad place. Women grow up to be caring turn off other’s feelings therefore excuses room usually her way of no hurting you. If she says this to you the possibilities are she does no knows you and also can’t make the finest judgement about you. She statement is a reflection of her emotional ease of access rather 보다 your self worth.

As a nice solution you can say, ‘Look, I’ll constantly respect your borders but i have took pleasure in talking come you. Permit me take your number so we can at the very least stay in touch.’

What to say if she has a boyfriend deserve to be a little bit of minefield. The most crucial things are that you store it positive. Store some distance and don’t permit a little bit of disappointment prevent you from meeting all the women that space available.

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For more exact phrases of what come say if… you must head to my HQ club for men.You will acquire advice from myself, TeamHQ and also my significant female society members on how to boost your interactions v women.