In June 1998, Microsoft released home windows 98. It would come to be one of the many popular computer system operating systems in the world.

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Google was started in 1998, President bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, and also a gallon of gas expense $1.15.


Ford totally redesigned the F-150 for 1997 so 1998 just saw boy changes. However, 1998 was a large year because that Ford trucks, since it marked the 50th anniversary of F-Series trucks. The F-150 was the best selling car in the us so Ford wasn"t about to fix something the wasn"t broken.


1998 Ford F-150 Video

Here is a quick video of a pretty F-150 SuperCab Lariat. Take a minute or 2 right now to examine it out:

What"s new For 1998

So because that 1998 there are just a couple of things different from the year before. The 1997 SuperCab rear side window glass had actually a metallic like tint to it, vice versa, the 1998 SuperCab side rear glass had a black appearance come it.

A bi-fuel engine prepare package came to be available. It permitted switchover from gasoline to propane or organic gas. 1999 F-150"s saw a enlarge appearance change, especially in the former end.

Special edition 1998 NASCAR F-150

1998 observed the relax of a very restricted edition NASCAR branded F-150. The NASCAR edition was black with special decals, and also only 3,000 to be made. This truck happened due to the fact that Ford ended up being (sponsored) the main truck of NASCAR.

They to be all short box, regular cab, 2 wheel drive trucks. The only option to be your selection of either an automatic or hand-operated transmission as far as we deserve to tell. The was available in the southeastern US.

For more details on this an extremely unique truck consisting of an to exclude, interview through Ford, go to NASCAR F-150 page.



1998 F-Series 50th Anniversary Poster

Here"s a copy the the poster that was in Ford dealerships in 1998.


1998 F-Series version Lineup

The easily accessible trim levels to be a carry-over indigenous the year before. The selections for F-150 or F-250 were Standard, XL, XLT, or Lariat. The F-250 light duty body for "98 is based upon the F-150 body, that will readjust in "99.

Here is the XLT internal in the color Prairie Tan:


1998 F-Series Engine Specs

The engines and transmission choices for 98 space the very same as 97, for the F-150.

The 4.2L V6 engine provides 205 speech
4,750 rpm and also 255 lb-ft that torque in ~ 3,000 rpm. The smaller sized V8 the 4.6L produce 220 hp
4,500 rpm and 290 lb-ft talk
3,250 rpm.

The big V8 engine for the F-150 the 5.4L Triton renders 235 hp
4,250 rpm and 330 lb-ft of talk
3,000 rpm.

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A couple decades later on we can look earlier and watch that the 4.2L had some issues with head gaskets. The V8"s had actually some problems with spark plugs ejecting us from the head, but otherwise the Triton engines confirmed to be fairly reliable engines. Especially compared to the more recent 3 valve engines in the following generation van (2004+).

1998 Ford F-150 Standard attributes & available Options

Major standard functions include:

4.2L V-6 engineFive-speed hands-on transmissionTwin-forged live independence short/long eight front suspension (2WD)Twin-forged independent short/long arm front suspension w/ torsion bars, anti-sway bar (4WD)Automatic locking hubs /w hand-operated shift-on-the-fly (4WD only)Power steeringPower brakes with rear Anti-LockAM/FM stereo with digital clockHinged 3rd door (SuperCab only)Halogen headlampsArgent painted wheelsProtective bed railsBed tie-down hooksTrailer tow wiringFull gauge swarm (oil pressure, engine temperature, and voltmeter)Interval wipersCargo box light

Major options include:

digital AM/FM stereotype cassette v digital clockSix-disc CD changer through cassette, premium soundCruise regulate Air conditioningPower windows (XLT and Lariat only)Power door locks (XLT and also Lariat only)Power winter (XLT and also Lariat only)Power driver seat (XLT and also Lariat only)Leather seat (Lariat only)Cloth captain"s chairsTilt steering wheelAluminum wheelsSliding behind windowFog lampsFour wheel anti-lock brakesElectric shift-on-the-fly 4WDAutolampsRemote keyless entry w/ anti theft (XLT and also Lariat only)3:55 rear axle 4x4 turn off Road devices Group (17-inch aluminum wheels, fog lamps, skid plates, heavy-duty shocks, 3.55 rear axle)Class III Trailer Towing group (7-pin wiring harness, frame hitch, engine oil cooler, supervisor engine cooling, aux transmission cooler, heavy-duty shocks, 3.55 rear axle)

1998 F-150 inner / Exterior shade Choices

Interior trim colors because that 1998 encompass Cordovan (a very dark red/burgundy), pasture Green, medium Graphite, and also Prairie Tan.

Available exterior repaint color selections include:

light Prairie Tan Clearcoat MetallicBright Red ClearcoatDark Toreador Red Clearcoat MetallicMoonlight Blue Clearcoat MetallicPacific environment-friendly Clearcoat MetallicTeal Clearcoat MetallicSilver Clearcoat Metallic (new because that 1998)Black ClearcoatLight Denim Blue Clearcoat Metallic (new because that 1998) Oxford White Clearcoat

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