epos poetry (poetic story) has long poems around events in the past, frequently envolving gods or kings and also queens. It usually faces a historical subject that is really brave and represents the values of his culture. The story has a lot of action, and also it starts with the invocation to muse, whose assist will do the hero a victor.

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Epic poetry often begins by announcing the subject and asking a muse for help.

An epic poem refers to a long, narrative city that is usually around heroic deeds and important occasions to the society of the poet. Many old writers supplied epic poetry in order come tell tales of extreme adventures and also heroic feats.

An epic city is likewise known as epic, epos, or epopee.

Epic poetry refers to a time beyond living memory in which occurred the especially doings that the extraordinary men and also women.

answer: from these honored dead we take enhanced devotion come that reason for i beg your pardon they provided the last complete measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that this dead shall no have passed away in vain, the this country under god shall have actually a new birth the freedom, and also that federal government of the human being



the sun warms ours planet, and with the moon, creates the tides. The moon orbits the earth and in turn, the planet orbits the sun. Since they show up to be the exact same size in the sky, the sun, earth and moon work together to develop eclipses. When the moon is straight in between the earth and also sun

Along the sea-sands damp and brown the traveller hastens toward the town, what is the effect of the enjambment in these two lines? the emphasizes the idea the each heat is a separate thought. It creates a happiness scheme in between the 2 lines. It encourages the leader to pause in between the two lines. It strengthens the connection between the two lines.
Amaple syrup producer records the lot of sap gathered from each of his trees. The heat plot mirrors the outcomes of one day
Select the correct answer.Which term defines a well-tested, scientifically sustained statement that defines how other works?OA.hypothesisOB.law
Please pick the word indigenous the list that best fits the definitiona hands-off attitudelaissez-faireprovide crucial servicesrepresentative democracyc...
Which mechanism of federal government did the Constitution produce in the unified States? A. Confederation B. Parliamentary C. Federation D. Limited monarchy...
Which shower would certainly most likely be the regulate groupin this study?the shower sprayed with plenty of test sprayso the shower no exposed to any mildew in ~ allthe sho...
Which of these best completes the sentence below? not like that CHI NO . A. SADAME B. JJO C. ~Funky Groove~ D. All of the above....

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