every one of Batman's pets In The Comics (In Chronological Order) Every as soon as in a while, Batman required a little help from his pet companions. Let\"s take a look at the different pets he\"s had actually over the years.

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While plenty of of the live-action movies and also some cartoons don\"t show it, numerous comic fans will understand that Batman had some loyal and also interesting pets end the years. Some might recognize his dog, Ace, if others could think the the Bat-Cow. Some fans can not recognize that either of those \"sidekicks\" existed at all.

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Not every hero has or demands a pet in their comics, yet they\"re nearly always a fun addition. Superman isn\"t the just hero who\"s had a pet like Krypto the Superdog, and to present off much more animal sidekicks, here are Batman\"s lovely pets.

Ace is may be the most well-known pet that Batman\"s ever had, even though that didn\"t appear too typically in the comics. The was an initial shown in Batman #92 in the 1950s as soon as Batman and Robin found him after his owner, john Wilker, to be captured. While Batman and Robin tried to rescue John, Ace confirmed plenty that tracking and also fighting skills that aided them follow me the way.

After detect John, Ace would display up ~ above occasion until John eventually made decision to give Ace to Bruce Wayne. While he didn\"t display up too commonly in the comics after that, that did show up in numerous animated Batman adventures.

In the so late 50s, Mogo was presented as an ape that was trained to perform an action in circus performances. Throughout one show, the money from package office was stolen, and also Mogo appears alarmed and upset during the robbery. When Batman and Robin leave to uncover the culprit, Mogo escapes so he have the right to follow them earlier to the Batcave.

Once within the cave, the sees Batman\"s tools around and also curiously put on among Batman\"s capes and also cowls. Batman and Robin it seems ~ to gain his company, and they bring Mogo through them come a warehouse wherein they find that among Mogo\"s trainers, Ralph Rodor, had actually stolen the money indigenous the circus. Mogo is set complimentary by among his various other trainers after this, however even though his time with Batman and also Robin wasn\"t long, he to be still a helpful enhancement to the Bat-Family.

also in the DC Multiverse, Batman loves to surname his various dogs \"Ace.\" In the at an early stage 90s, after the initial Ace hadn\"t remained in the comics for years, a new Ace was introduced when Batman took in a brand-new dog. This dog had belonged come a indigenous American shaman called Black Wolf, however Black Wolf died shortly after ~ Batman asked for his help.

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While this Ace didn\"t get a mask or a cape, he still obtained to cave out with Batman in the Batcave. This expected that he didn\"t make plenty of appearances in the comics though. And while he did it seems to be ~ to be a an excellent guard dog to have around, he eventually stopped being contained in Batman\"s adventures without explanation.

7 Ace The Bat-Hound together A Puppy (Tiny Titans)

The Tiny Titans series from the so late 2000s to early on 2010s adhered to younger, kid versions of many DC heroes and also villains, and also their pet made appearances somewhat frequently. One pet that popped up quite a bit is Ace The Bat-Hound together a puppy attract a mask and a small cape.

Throughout the series, Ace do a lot of friends through the various other Titans and also their pets, and he also joined the super Pets because that a couple of adventures. In ~ one point, Ace also decides to take it on a sidekick of his own and starts being adhered to by his new partner, Robin Robin, who is a bird v a Robin costume on.

Bat-Cow in the Tiny Titans world technically wasn\"t accepted into the Bat-Family with open arms, together she actually controlled to swipe one of Batman\"s cowl-cape combos and also started come run roughly with that on. Originally, Robin do the efforts to take it it earlier from the cow so he wouldn\"t acquire in trouble with Batman, but eventually, he provided up and accepted Bat-Cow as a part of the family.

Bat-Cow later got accepted by the other Titans once she was lugged to a \"Pet Club\" meeting. She also went ~ above to type a group of various other hero-like cows in the series called the \"League of simply Us Cows,\" which appeared to be a play on indigenous relating to the justice League.

5 Titus that Was A Gift to Damian from Bruce (Prime Earth)

another dog in the Bat-Family, Titus to be a gift for Damian Wayne from Bruce. He very first appeared in the 2nd issue the Batman and also Robin in the New 52 comic series. So far, Titus doesn\"t fight crime choose Batman\"s old dog did, but he still shares a couple of connections through the Bat-Hound.

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Most notably, if Damian did surname him Titus ~ the Shakespeare character Titus Andronicus, Titus is quiet occasionally called Ace as a nickname by members the the Bat-family.

Bat-Cow deserve to be watched in Batman Incorporated after Batman and Robin (Damien Wayne) have to go through a slaughterhouse if they\"re do the efforts to avoid Professor Pyg. As soon as Damien watch this cow, it shows up to have actually a shape across its eyes that rather resembled the Batman logo.

The cow\"s appearance makes Damien kind a connection with it, and also he rescues the cow native the slaughterhouse before telling Batman the he\"s walk to it is in a vegetarian. The rescued cow is then named Bat-Cow and also it stays on a farm on the Wayne property. Bat-Cow also joined the Legion of Super-Pets for a while.

3 Ace that Was raised By The Joker (Prime Earth)

In the Batman Annual storyline, Ace first belonged come Joker, who supplied him and also other dogs as assault dogs the wore masks with playing card suits ~ above them. Joker later on gets rid the the dogs, leaving them to assault each various other with Ace gift the only dog tho alive as soon as he\"s eventually uncovered by Batman.

Feeling negative for the dog, Alfred later adopted Ace after that was required to the pound, also after the employees told him the Ace would be dangerous. Because that a while, Ace tho tried to attack people and didn\"t listen well as soon as Alfred tried to train that by himself. He was eventually accepted as a member of the Bat-Family after a couple of months that training and also showing affection because that Batman.

In the Injustice universe, a the majority of strange, sudden, and significant events happen, consisting of Alfred being killed by Mr. Zsasz and then gift resurrected after ~ Damian put him in the Lazarus Pit. As Alfred is recovering from these events, Batman finds a dog that made it through an strike on a tiny town.

Batman decides to give the dog come Alfred after naming him Ace, and also Alfred bonds through the dog for a short while. Their time with each other could\"ve to be longer, yet during this storyline, Athanasia al Ghul, the daughter that Talia al Ghul and Batman, involves Wayne Manor through the on purpose of fighting through Batman. Together her anger builds, she lashes out and shoots Ace, kills him, and also tries to assault Alfred and Batman.

1 Ace The Bat-Hound who Helps Fight off The Anti-Living (DCeased)

In among the newest DC storylines, DCeased proved an Anti-Life virus spreading across the world, turning those who room exposed to it right into zombie-like creatures. Ace the Bat-Hound helps fight the Anti-Living people after Jason Todd finds him in the Batcave. Ace was the last one to remain in the Batcave after ~ Alfred had actually to death Batman, Nightwing, and also Tim Drake because they were every infected with the virus.

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At first, Ace travels with Jason, Cassandra Cain, and Commissioner Gordon as they try to discover other survivors. Quickly after, they find a team of villains who are additionally trying come survive, and they every temporarily agree to work-related together and type the Unkillables team. As soon as the team works with each other to conserve a group of young orphans native the Anti-Living, Ace shines as a hero, effectively attacking any type of Anti-Living prior to they can injury the children.