Many dogs have floppy ears once they are just puppies. However, after a details time their ears stand increase naturally.Akita puppies additionally have floppy ears and also their ears likewise stand up as they thrive up. But you can not know the exact timing so, more than likely asking yourself, “when execute Akita’s ear stand up?” So to give you a specific answer, this article is walk to administer all accurate details with justifications.

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When carry out Akita’s ear Stand Up?

Generally, Akita dog’s ears stand up when they are around 9 come 14 mainly old. As, till 9 come 14 main old, Akita puppies’ ears remain folded down. Therefore from 9 main of age, your ears begin to was standing up. And also by 16 mainly their ears stand increase fully. If it doesn’t, taping is necessary to make ears stand up.
When execute Akita’s ear Stand Up?At What period Do Akita’s ear Stand Up? Can Akitas have actually Floppy Ears? Breed Check Ears Diet Don’t Scrub His HeadHow deserve to I do My Akita Dogs ear Stand Up? Tape His Ears Strengthen His Jaw and Head Muscles Trim His Ear Hair Don’t scratch His Ears Avoid giving Too much Calcium Why don’t My Akita Dogs ear Stand Up?Why carry out Some Dogs ears Stand Up? Why ice A Dog’s Ears?Is It cruel To ice A Dog’s Ears?Frequently asked Questions:

Akita puppies have droopy ears until they reach 9 to 14 weeks old age. After reaching 9 mainly of age, your ears start to stand up gradually.And many of the Akita’s ears stand increase by 14 main old. However, some Akita may take a small longer time. And their ears will be seen to stand up fully at 16 mainly of age. If any Akita puppy’s ear don’t was standing up completely by 16 weeks old, he requirements taping to do his ears stand up completely. 

At What age Do Akita’s ears Stand Up? 

At the period of 9 come 14 mainly old, Akita’s ear stand up. many of the Akita puppy owner have stated that they have actually seen your Akita fluffball’s ear stand up when the dog has reached 9 mainly old.After that till 14 mainly old age, the ear were slowly standing up, and at 14 main old their puppies’ ear wholly was standing up. Therefore, it will certainly take 9 come 14 main of age to make the Akita pup’s ear stand up. But this period is not fixed for every Akita dog. Part Akita dogs will certainly take more time than usual. Therefore, it will certainly take 16 main old period for castle to do their ears stand increase fully. And if it no happen, taping is a must. 

Can Akitas have Floppy Ears? 

The majority of Akitas have floppy ears until they with the age of 9 come 14 main old. due to the fact that during this period their ear muscles space too weak to wake up on their own.But beginning from 9 weeks old to 14 mainly old, their ear muscles start to get strong and progressively the ears stand up carefully all by themselves. However, if any type of Akita dog’s ear muscles space not for this reason strong, lock will remain floppy for a little an ext time. Yet by 16 mainly old, the muscles will be solid enough to do the ear stand increase fully. How carry out You tell If an Akita Puppy’s Ears will Stand Up?Akita puppies have floppy ears and also some Akita puppies take more than usual time because that their ears to was standing up. And also this have the right to make girlfriend think around the factors by which you have the right to tell even if it is an Akita’s ear will stand increase or not. So, every the general components are defined to you. 


Dog breeds that are wolf alike v thick, double-coats and also have gotten prick ear from wolf ancestors are most like to have actually standing ears. And also it’s well-known that Akitas are a wolf-type that dog breed and also have inherited all the features mentioned above. So, just be assured the your Akita’s ears will certainly stand increase too. Even if the takes a little an ext time. 

Check Ears 

If you an alert that her Akita puppy’s ears are standing increase whenever he gets also excited, recognize that between 9 come 14 weeks old he will get permanent stand ears. Another way of checking and knowing is the setup of his ears on his head. This way if your Akita pup’s ear are around to stand permanently, it will be set higher on his head. Also, the ears will certainly be closer in distance 보다 the flabby ears. 


If her Akita puppy is getting enough calcium in his chewing phase, the cartilage in his ears will certainly be developed as necessary too.So his ears will stand up normally on your own. Also, let that chew raw bones but obviously under supervision. Because chewing helps to build the ear muscles to build properly. And also it helps Akita’s ear to stand. 

Don’t Scrub His Head

Do not scrub his head. Due to the fact that you might rub his ears and head out of fondness yet it have the right to break his cartilage making the soft and nimble. I m sorry is not strong enough to assistance his ear to stand. So you resist yourself native petting and rubbing her Akita’s head. And also be assured that you room letting his cartilage will be firm enough to organize his ears standing. 

How deserve to I make My Akita Dogs ear Stand Up? 

5 efficient ways come make her Akita dog’s ears stand up space going come be defined below. 

Tape His Ears 

Taping one Akita’s ear is the most basic and traditional means adopted by breeders. Taping is together a an approach that will collection your Akita’s ear in a details posture and will train his ear to was standing straightly as soon as the tape is peeled off. The many suitable method for taping is using medical tape. Yet you have to start using this technique at your Akita’s beforehand age, like when he is simply 4-6 main old.Because once you’ll store your Akita pup’s ages taped as a pup, the ears will certainly be trained to stand up on their own as one adult. But before you begin the taping process, make sure your Akita pup is prepared for it. 

Strengthen His Jaw and also Head Muscles 

The other effective way is come make her Akita puppy’s head and also jaw muscle strong. Because muscles from these facial areas assist to host dogs’ ears. And know that weak muscle will constantly end increase making floppy ears. So to strengthen her Akita’s pup’s muscles, let him chew top top chew playthings as plenty of times as feasible in a day. It will certainly make his head and jaw muscle stronger enough to do the ear standing up in a couple of weeks.

Trim His Ear Hair 

Thick hair on your Akita puppy’s ear can cause saggy ears. Because it puts pressure on his ears and ears can’t stand up. So, every you need to do is take the end a trimmer and also trim the hair ~ above his ears to mitigate the load on his ears. Trimming will certainly also enable your pup to acquire the exactly erect structure.

Don’t scrape His Ears 

You must manage yourself from scrubbing your beloved Akita’s ears. Due to the fact that to rather a lot of extent scratching deserve to make her puppy’s would be pointy ears end up being droopy. 

Avoid providing Too much Calcium 

Calcium is certainly a needed aspect for her Akita puppy during the teething phase yet too lot calcium can carry misery only. So avoid giving him too much calcium supplement as it can cause your farming puppy bone spurts, joint problems, or arthritis together well. 

Why nothing My Akita Dogs ear Stand Up?

A couple of possible reasons can not it is in letting your Akita dog’s ear stand up.The very first possible reason is, perhaps your Akita’s ear muscles room not strong enough yet to support the ear to stand up by themselves at the usual time. Another probable factor is the lack of calcium during the teething/chewing phase. In this phase, every the necessary nutrients and also calcium are offered for making your Akita’s gum strong. And the other two possible reasons are thick hair top top his ear and you scratching his head/ears. too much hair top top the ear are favor a burden to him and scratching can make his ears droopy.

Why execute Some Dogs ears Stand Up? 

Genetics and ancestry pat the biggest function in determining why some dog’s ear stand up. Generally, dog each other that have actually similarities with wolves room seen through standing ears.As this dog breeds have inherited rather some attributes of wolf such together double-coat, upright ears, wolf-like prefer look, etc. Therefore, many of the puppies of German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Akita, and others dog each other that have similarities with wolves have actually standing ears. Because standing ears tradition was passed to them genetically.

Why tape A Dog’s Ears?

Dog owner or breeders ice a dog’s ears since of two obvious reasons. The very first one, if their dog’s ears are an alleged to wake up naturally yet are not standing up in ~ the usual time, they use the taping method to do their dog’s ears stand up.Another reason is, some owners and also breeders carry out taking approaches on their dogs in early puppyhood so the their dogs can have standing pointy ears on time. The second reason is part owners favor dogs v floppy ears. Also, less erect ears can avoid injuries. For this reason they tape your dog’s ears under to store them droopy. That performed specifically on working dogs. 

Is It devilish To ice A Dog’s Ears?

Taping a dog’s ear is definitely cruel together it causes pain.

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it only have to be carry out in one-of-a-kind circumstances as soon as a dog’s ears space not standing up on time or cartilage is weak. Also, taping down is cruel too. Since it makes the dogs endure traumatic and also painful experiences. It likewise causes a high level of discomfort. Therefore, dogs have to be allowed to make their ears stand up naturally rather than using the taping process. Akita dog’s ears will certainly stand up normally when the cartilage of ear is strong enough to organize the ear standing permanently. So in ~ the appropriate time, friend will notice your Akita having actually standing ears.

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