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My chicks space 1.5 month old now and also living outside. In ~ night they all huddle together in a small A frame box I made for the pig. He outgrew it long ago. Have to I make a tiny roosting area for them or will certainly they find out to carry out it lock self as soon as they get access to the coop? The coop has roosts in it but I don"t want to mix the apricot yet.

I gambling they would appreciate one now. They"ll feeling safer. However yes, they"ll figure it out rather naturally.
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They will learn at some point once you put them with the other flock. I personally wouldn"t bother making them some now because you will be moving them later.

Roosts for 6 mainly olds room easy.....two 5 gallon buckets rotate upside down v a 2x4 ~ above top. Poof! A roost!
WindyIslandPeeps.comThe wait of sky is that which blows in between a horses ears-:cowboy:Life must be "Little House" meets the "Jetsons"
I had a thermometer/hygrometer in my brooder, rectangular with a prop ~ above the back, favor a photo frame ~ above a table, with room for two little chicks ~ above top. As quickly as they could balance themselves fine enough, over there were always two small fluffballs perched on optimal of it. Ns think castle are normally programmed to perch and will execute so as shortly as the chance presents itself.

My young chicks, also at 6-8 wks still favor to huddle with each other at night. It might make castle feel much more secure...sort of prefer still gift under mama"s wing.

Mine will certainly roost as quickly as they discover something they can fly up onto.2-3 weeks old is usually the moment they start roosting. If the weather is a little cooler lock look because that warmer places.One of the favorite of my young chicken is a flower pot filled through dirt. I usually put one in with them that is about 18" tall. Castle roost top top the edge on warmer nights and during the day and also gather within on cooler nights. Ns do need to replace the dirt sometimes. They reap dusting in it also.
If it"s tho cold, it"s actually far better if lock huddle together. Ns usually obtain a tree branch and wedge it increase on something. I likewise use a large old block of wood, and also sometimes they"ll hop on the too. Look approximately your yard, you"ll uncover something they have the right to hop on. It also gives castle something to do.
Thanks for every the responses and ideas. I did notice one of the bigger chicks sitting on optimal of their fence.

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when mine are around 4 weeks old, I put them a small roost about 4" indigenous the ground. They learn fast. Together they obtain older ns raise it. It"s in their instinct come roost, so I would certainly say placed them one in their space.
I have actually training roost because that my chicks made v a 2x4 frame and an old broom sticks. Castle are just 4 inches turn off the floor yet it offers them endure so ns only have actually to help a couple of when they relocate to the hen house. Usually the very first week in the hen house, hubby and also I placed the floor hen on the roosts after dark. They figure it out pretty fast , however I have a hundred new hens in ~ a time and also even having to move 30 that the dumb ones because that a main is tedious. I have a chick delivery this thursday . I let lock live in a kiddy swimming pool the an initial week then once they start flying around the cellar they get in a 8x10 pen ~ above the floor with their infant perch a 5 gallon feeder and a 3 gallon waterer. I use two heat lamps because that them too.Chickens chirping in the cellar method it is spring to me
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