While she to be obviously a little brat, i didn't favor that they sent her far to precise never mention her again. It just doesn't it seems ~ realistic for someone prefer Tom that adores his children.

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I typical I was happy to see her go at the time, but kind that surprised the she didn't go through therapy, part character development, etc.


Pretty sad and unrealistic as well for Tom. That wouldn't have actually just given up on she to never ever speak to her again. Ns think they just wanted her off the present so they placed that in.

It would have been nice

if she make an appearance year later

after she flourished up more.


I feel prefer a reappearance could have been nice, but I just don't understand what castle would have actually done through her. She to be absolutely miserable and also watching her drive away was means too satisfying. That said though, it to be weird Tom never also mentioned that boy again, or they can have had him gone for an ep while that is "visiting" Kayla.

She was kind of a psychopath in mine opinion.

I think they ended her prefer that and also never discussed again since people yes, really hated the arc! Well, I know I did.

Yeah it was over the top also for this show, and they painted themselves right into a corner. Would have actually made much more sense to have them at some point connect and also accept one another.


The kid plainly had some major psychological issues. I think it to be absurd for she to not have gone v counseling or some form of program for troubled youth. She was a major problem. She to be the only reason that: (1) CPS ended up being involved, (2) the Lynette to be arrested, (3) the pair jumped off the roof, (4) the twins began the fire, etc. And she intimidated a toddler for God’s sake!

She was mentally abusive to Lynette and also physically abusive to herself and the twins.

I think it was pretty weak of Tom come not step up until the critical minute. Yes, that his kid. But... He simply met this child fairly recently compared to the life the has had with his kids with Lynette and also that boy is putting HIS WIFE and also CHILDREN in DANGER.

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Desperate Housewives is an American tv comedy-drama and mystery series produced by Marc Cherry and produced by abc Studios and Cherry Productions. It initially aired because that eight periods on alphabet from October 3, 2004 until might 13, 2012.