Shanks renders His Move: What does Oda's Cryptic message to One item Fans Mean? Eiichiro Oda"s message about the 1,000th thing of One Piece means the "Red-Haired" Shanks might be food preparation up a an enig strategy.

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to commemorate the upcoming relax of One Piece"s 1,000th chapter, creator Eiichiro Oda sent a brief message throughout the 2020 run Festa. In the message, he brings up the upcoming 1000th chapter, praises Kimetsu No Yaiba"s success, and confirms the 100th volume of One Piece will release in 2021. However, there"s one other slight hint that alludes to around what"s to come in One Piece: The man with "red hair" will ultimately make his move.

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Clearly, Oda is referring to none various other than Red-Haired Shanks, Luffy"s hero and also one that the best names in the world of One Piece. Shanks not just served in Gol D. Roger"s crew once he to be a kid but as an adult, he"s end up being a Yonko, one of the 4 strongest and also most fear pirates in the new World. Yet, Shanks is a personality still cloaked in so much mystery. What might Oda typical by the "making his move?"

Thank you come everyone that participated to this year's online Jump Fest!Here is a translation of Oda-san blog post that was revealed on the super stage!Chapter 1000 is near, get ready!#ONEPIECE1000LOGS

— ONE PIECEスタッフ【公式】 (

We"ve seen Shanks a mere handful of times since the time skip, his motives constantly shrouded in mystery. In chapter #838, throughout the "From the Decks the the World: The 500,000,000 Man" sheathe story, Shanks is seen through his crew reading a newspaper about Luffy"s current victory over Doflamingo and also his enhanced bounty. The location of the cover reads "At a wedding the takes location within the ruins of a certain island" and shows a chapel and some cacti in the background, but that"s not sufficient to surmise where in the new World Shanks and also his crew are.

We don"t watch Shanks again until Chapter #903 once Luffy"s bounty rises to 1.5 exchange rate beli. The Yonko is sitting on a rocky coastline reading the headline favor a proud father. The states further that he and also Luffy will satisfy again an extremely soon.

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Shanks" many recent appearance is in chapter #907. This figure may hold the most ideas to Shank"s claimed course of action. Acquisition place throughout the Revery, the 5 Elders, the highest-ranked Celestial dragons that manage the human being Government, space meeting v Shanks. Shanks states to the five Elders that there"s a "pirate" he requirements to speak through them about.

that this pirate may be is unclear, but there space a few likely candidates. Shanks may be referring to either Kaido or Blackbeard, as they"re 2 of the greatest obstacles towards security in the new World. Big Mom is another possibility. Shanks may even be introduce to Luffy and also his potential in becoming the Pirate King. However, there"s nothing to imply Shanks is referring to a current-day pirate. Possibly he wishes to re-publishing something about Gol D. Roger. It"s quiet too beforehand to tell, although, another interesting tidbit around this meeting is what among the 5 elders says: They just arranged this meeting at his request.

The Celestial Dragons are the last human being you"d mean to make sacrifices for people, and also for the 5 most an effective people ~ above the earth to execute so for a pirate the all people is unheard of. They also send their an individual guards out of the room before their discussion begins. Really peculiar, yet this conversation proves Shanks has enough influence the the five Elders are also willing to interact in neutral conversation.

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Whatever Shanks" following course of action will be, we can assume this will have actually lasting impacts on the civilization of One Piece. 2021 is looking to it is in an interesting year because that the manga.