National Nurse Practitioner Week


National Nurse Practitioner mainly is held each year to storage these outstanding health care providers and also to remind lawmakers the the prestige of remove outdated obstacles to exercise so nurse practitioners (NPs) will certainly be allowed to exercise to the full degree of your experience and education.

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Save the date for national NP mainly November 7–13, 2021.

The NP function needs you! This one-of-a-kind week supplies numerous opportunities to lug recognition come the NP role and rise awareness the the exceptional treatment that NPs provide.

National NP Week will certainly be organized November 7–13, 2021. One NP Week source guide and also proclamation are obtainable below to assist NPs in preparing for the annual celebration. The source guide includes information such as a sample news release, talking points, an NP truth sheet, ar activities, a media interview guide, posters and also guidelines for creating a letter to the editor. Please refer to the resources listed below to begin planning your 2021 NP main celebration.

Download the 2021 NP mainly Proclamation

View the 2021 NP Week source Guide

NP main Proclamation Map

Each state’s initiatives to for sure an NP week proclamation space highlighted on’s annual NP main Proclamation Map. In 2021, says that get proclamations signed by any elected official will be marked green ~ above the map — or even better — fill with images of NPs that were current for the signing or an image of the proclamation itself. In 2019, NP main proclamations were signed through 47 governors, which collection a brand-new record. Critical year, proclamations were obtained from 41 states, the ar of Columbia and U.S. Pacific territories in assistance of NP Week.

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Congratulations come NPs in Georgia because that submitting the very first proclamation of 2021, signed by governor Brian Kemp!


Conversation Starters

With a spotlight top top NPs Sunday through Saturday, NP Week brings an opportunity to highlight the breadth and also depth the the NP role, the an essential difference NPs do in the lives of patients and the management NPs show as they advocate for positive change. As you interact in NP mainly discussions on society media, with media interviews or by writing an op-ed because that your local newspaper, please keep the following conversation topics in mind.