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Bazooka candy Brands Unveils brand-new Juicy Drop™ Gum


Juicy autumn is a powerhouse brand that continues to be a height seller and ranks within the height 5 non-chocolate skus in ~ checkout *. The brand has been a leading force in classification innovation, now revolutionizing the classic bubble gum suffer with brand-new Juicy autumn Gum. The brand-new offering will enhance the Juicy Drop portfolio of successful products including Juicy drop Pop, Juicy drop Gummies, and Juicy fall Taffy.

Juicy drop Gum is a important innovative product, designed to satisfy the top consumer need in ~ the gum category. Eighty-three percent of consumers are searching for gum with resilient flavor** and also Juicy autumn Gum lets fans extend flavor in a unique and also differentiated way. That is patent pending design enables consumers to use sour gelatin to continually boost and extend the flavor of your gum. Fans can likewise create their perfect mix that sweet bubble gum and also sour gel for a mind blowing 2-in-1 odor experience.

"Juicy fall is the just brand that allows consumers to regulate the mix of sweet and also sour tastes in every bite which has actually made it an ext and more popular every year," claimed Nicole Rivera, Marketing & development Director at Bazooka liquid Brands. "Juicy Drop has actually a proven track record of development within the non-chocolate category and we saw an possibility to lug something brand-new to the gum group by addressing consumers" need for sturdy flavor. We have been maybe to develop a delicious gum and also gel mix that extend flavor, i beg your pardon we recognize our fans will love!"

Juicy fall Gum will certainly launch in 4 delicious flavors: Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, to apologize Attack and Watermelon Blast. Every tray has 16 packs and each load comes with straightforward access gel flavor booster and also eight piece of gum special a "drop zone" come efficiently capture sour gel while on-the-go.

Juicy drop Gum will be accessible at checkout in ~ retailers nationwide. The launch will certainly be supported by an incorporated marketing campaign that contains broadcast advertising and also digital and also social media promotion.


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*Source: IRI MULO L52 we 4.17.16**Source: 2016 Gum attitude & consumption Study, in march 2016

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