Runts Vending candy Crunchy fruit flavored candy Runts candy space made by Nestle and sold under their renowned Willy Wonka Candy agency brand name. Runts are fruit shaped and also flavored liquid that very first appeared top top the industry in 1982. They have a difficult candy shell with a somewhat powdery center. This mix has Green apologize (Green), Grape (Purple), Strawberry, Orange and Banana. Need a machine to vend these fruity candies? Be certain to view our complete line of candy vending machines. Also accessible in 5 lb. Bags if you"re not prepared to go to bigger quantities. Candy Specifications

Size: 1/4 customs approx.Case Count: approx. 20,000Color(s): Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, YellowFlavor(s): eco-friendly Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, BananaWeight: 30 lbs. Approx.

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Made by Nestle, this candies typically vend for 25¢ in commercial vending makers that have actually an flexible candy dispensing wheel i beg your pardon controls the variety of pieces the vend every quarter. Lock will also dispense in our liquid banks and dispensers. Liquid is ideal stored in a cool, dry, low humidity location. Your shelf life deserve to be up to 18 month if not exposed to too much hot or cold temperatures.Contact united state for unique shipping prices for HI, AK, International, and also wholesale pallet orders.

Runts testimonial 5

posted by Dustin Sherman ~ above Mar 01, 2021

No complaints and will shop here, again!

acquired me what I essential 5

post by Ian on Sep 25, 2019

Needed a most runts for a special event and got them rapid and relatively hassle cost-free after confirming my address with the company.

Runts because that Vending 5

post by Joe ~ above Dec 12, 2018

An excellent product because that resale in .25 gumball machines. Price was about $3 a pound with shipping

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