As tasso ham is scarce exterior Louisiana, you could be absent its spicy, smoky odor in traditional recipes prefer gumbo and jambalaya. This article provides a list of tasso substitutes. You can use these choices in Cajun and also Creole cooking.

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Chorizo, the popular Spanish pork sausage, is usually easily accessible as a fermented, cured, smoked sausage. However, it is also sold fresh (uncooked). In that case, friend may have to cook it prior to using that in a recipe. The coarsely chopped pork and also pork fat is seasoned with pimentón (a kind of acting paprika) and also salt. Portuguese chorizo contains pork, fat, wine, paprika, garlic, and salt. Dried smoked red pimentón give chorizo its usual deep red color and also characteristic smokiness. That spiciness relies upon the form of pepper used. Mexico chorizo is do with native chili peppers and is usually not smoked. So, it is better to use the Spanish variation as a tasso smoked meat substitute.

Canadian Bacon


Despite the name, it each other ham (not bacon) in texture and also flavor. It is made by curing and smoking pork loin. Those who are calorie-conscious may discover Canadian bacon as the finest cooking substitute for tasso ham, together it is make from a lean item of meat. Usually, it is sold pre-cooked and also pre-sliced. It has actually the smoky flavor, but it is not spicy. So, friend may have to saute the chunks along with onion, pepper, and garlic, before adding them to the dish.

Smoked Ham


Smoked ham, that is easily available in supervisor markets, have the right to be used in place of tasso. If you uncover it much less spicy, adjust the seasoning as per her need. Black woodland ham (a German selection of smoked ham) is smoked over pine and also fir. The is known for its slightly sweet but smoky flavor. Girlfriend can even prepare your own cured and also smoked ham, simply by planning in advance.

Andouille Sausage


Andouille, the coarse-grained exhilaration sausage do from pork, is often used in Louisiana creolian cuisine. In the U.S., it’s offered as a Cajun sausage. Favor tasso, it contains pork, pepper, onions, garlic, wine, and seasonings, and is quite spicy. Mostly, that is do from a exhilaration Boston butt roast. When stuffed, the sausage is exhilaration again (double smoked). Its French and German execution are much less spicy. If you room in France, girlfriend will gain gray-colored andouille, make from pig chitterlings (the little intestine the a pig), tripe (stomach lining the a cow), onions, wine, and also seasoning. It will have actually a distinctive odor. If the sausage the you have gained is less spicy, friend can add a pinch that cayenne pepper, a small bit the onion and garlic paste, or a couple of dashes of hot sauce to the dish.


Andouillette literally method ‘little andouille’. It consists of pork (sometimes veal), chitterlings, pepper, wine, onions, and also seasonings. However, this coarse-grained sausage comes through a solid distinctive odor which might offend civilization who are not supplied to it.

Generally, you have the right to replace tasso ham in a recipe through a spicy, smoky sausage. You deserve to use any great smoked ham. Over there is no need to coat the ham. Just change the seasonings in your recipe accordingly. Together you know how tasso ham is made, you can use Cajun flavors or various other spices and herbs favor cayenne, thyme, garlic, filé powder, and salt in your recipe. And also if you have actually Cajun spices, prepare tasso ham in ~ home, due to the fact that only tasso have the right to make her gumbo taste authentic and yummy.

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