Need parenting advice on Piercings and teenagers?! Many teens are gaining even more than just their ears pierced and paleas have very different thoughts on this topic. Check out our thoughts on this subject and tell us yours!


When my boyfriend’s daughter was 13, he took her to a tatas well parlor to get her first facial piercing (aside from her ears). It was a tiny bit stud in her right nostril. Nopoint too innocuous. It actually looks really cute on her! Still, I had incredibly mixed feelings around piercings and teenagers! I tried to store my feelings to myself. After all, he is her father and also her mommy had signed off on it as well. My boyfrifinish has actually 13 tattoos and also supplied to have actually multiple piercings. Apparently his ex-wife additionally has actually fairly a few, so piercings and teens isn’t a “massive deal” to them the method it is to me.

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I believed 13 was also young to have extra holes punched into her flesh. Sure, it’s not quite the very same as a tatalso. Piercings can be taken out and left to close up if she decides she no much longer likes them. Still, the former nursing student in me concerns around things like infection, scarring, hygiene and also hitting essential nerves in the challenge. She’s such a pretty girl and also I didn’t want to check out something go wrong. My boyfrifinish had actually factors for his decision and also I respect them. I don’t favor to provide him parenting advice when he’s been a parent longer than I have.

Parenting advice from our Readers on Piercings and Teenagers We asked Facebook fans what they believed around teenagers and piercings. I wanted to know if I was alone in my opinion. I wasn’t really surprised to discover that many type of other paleas said “no way” to letting their adolescents gain piercings. I was a little surprised, though, at the number of paleas who really seem to have no problem via it!

I’m entirely not judging. I don’t have super solid feelings around this topic and think that eextremely parent knows their boy ideal. Personally, I agree through Jodi, our reader that shelp no one would certainly ever be able to convince her that it’s not a breeding ground for bacteria.

See, that’s really my only major problem. I think piercings and also tattoos look great on other civilization when done appropriately. I think my boyfriend’s daughter looks absolutely adorable with her nostrils pierced (she gained the various other one done recently). To me, it has actually nopoint to do with the means it looks. I’ve been a punk rock girl many of my life. My hair was dyed starray colors means before it came to be a social norm. I personally have no piercings or tattoos ssuggest because I’m afrassist of pain! I just desire to make it clear that as much as looks go, I’m entirely good via piercings. Yet I can’t get previous the issue of something going terribly wrong.

What do you think about piercings and also teenagers? Would you allow your young teenager to obtain a facial piercing? Why or why not? We want to hear your parenting advice on this topic!

I agree with the option my parental fees made through me. I have constantly had actually an appeal towards tattoos and also piercings, much in comparison to my paleas who have no tattoos and also a mom via just her lobes pierced. They decided that I could gain my lobes pierced at age 10 (they felt that was when I would be responsible for cleaning them at that age), and then once I was sixteen permitted me to get my cartilage pierced. As for anypoint else (consisting of added ear piercings) They would not “sign off on.” In other words I had actually to wait till I was 18. I am 19 now and also have my nose pieced along with my rook, totality cartilage, and an commercial. They have actually no difficulties with any kind of of them.


I have had my nose pierced (as an adult) twice. There are a pair reasons why it is out of the question for my teenagers until they are adults. First of all- infection. Yes, you have a hole in your face…in the region well-known as the triangle of fatality, bereason an infection there deserve to go right to your brain and also kill you. Both times I had a piercing, it required many upsave and also cleaning, particularly at first. Do I desire to leave that to the perkid that can’t remember to pick their socks up? And, at the ripe old age of 27 with my second piercing, mine accidentally gained ripped out once it captured on a blanket and also I finished up with a tiny tear and an infection. Not great. My various other factor I wouldn’t permit my teen to make this option is because I want them to be old sufficient to decide if they desire to address having a sauto in that spot for the remainder of their life if they remove it. I perform. It is small, granted, yet it is a hole in my nose that typically gets plugged and also then creates a pimple. Never mind that the majority of tasks, colleges and also sports execute not enable teenagers to have them in and nose piercings cshed exceptionally quick. I have actually told my daughter she has to wait till she is an adult.

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I would certainly. Tright here are worse things in my opinion. Hoops and also such, I would certainly protest bereason I think young girls just don’t look good with spikes, hoops and also whatever before else coming out of their face. But a little stud I would be fine through. Also the nice thing about a nose piercing is once they gain tired of it, it closes right up and you can’t also tell tbelow was ever a piercing tright here. (I suppose super easily.. mine closed within a couple of hours). As far as the concern around something going wrong… research study and talk to friends that have actually acquired piercings and also find a good location that people trust and you know is clean… and your mind will certainly be at ease.