20 points You Didn't Know around Speed Racer Every auto lover has actually watched speed Racer and if friend haven’t, now is the time. This cartoon to be the factor why so many civilization are obsessed with restoring standard cars and finding out new car models befo

Every vehicle lover has actually watched Speed Racer and if girlfriend haven’t, now is the time. This cartoon to be the reason why therefore many people are obsessed through restoring classic cars and also finding out new car models before they come in a showroom. Back this cartoon collection started out together an idea that came to fruition in the 1960s, many baby boomers and also millennials have discovered themselves the town hall Speed Racer top top television and also collecting the toys that are currently priced high if one were to resell ~ above eBay.

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During our childhood, there to be a lengthy list of reflects such as Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Captain Planet (not to point out X-Men) that had actually us glued to the TV display screen every Saturday morning. Better yet, some of us would certainly run ~ the institution bell rang in ~ the finish of our last class to capture our favorite episodes and also record lock on VHS tapes. We wore the pajamas, re-enacted episodes v our friends while play toys and also became obsessed through these cartoons, however nothing come close come Speed Racer. As soon as we witnessed the adaptation movie in theaters in 2008, many of united state couldn’t think it.

With the being said, virtually 50 years later, there room a ton the little-known facts around this mini-series that many of us never ever knew also until this day. No to worry, I have you covered! i searched high and low because that Speed Racer surprises and behind the scenes stories to give you an inside look in ~ the truth.

20. The Story Behind the Name rate Racer

Did you recognize Speed Racer began out through a fully different name? It was at very first named Mach GoGoGo with a 3 part meaning. The name of the auto is Maha-go (マッハ号) and also the main character is Gō Mifune. Fittingly including the native go, the name was supposed to pay homage come Toshiro Mifune that was a influential Japanese movie star.

In the American version, the well known Mach 5 auto in the cartoon was motivated by the number 5 ~ above the door. In the Japanese language, walk (五) is the number 5 and also the character Kanji gō (号) which is a part of the name of the car, actually way “item number.” Let’s no forget, "go go go" is a Japanese sound result for the rumble that a car. Add the program’s title definition of Mach-gō Gō Mifune, Go! and in north America, we get Go, Speed Racer, Go!

The big letter M the we check out on the hood of the Mach 5 car and also Gō’s helmet is the emblem the Mifune motors, the name of the household business. Although that is called Mach 5, in Latin America the was called Meteoro. The tradition of symbolism in the cartoon is additionally seen on the apparel of other personalities such together Trixie (Michi) and Sparky (Sabu) with the letter M and also S top top the former of their shirts.

19. Tatsuo Yoshida’s very first Inspiration for speed Racer

There is nothing much more inspiring than finding the end the humble starts of one artist with a dream that turns right into a worldwide success. We watched the cartoon, read the comic books and saw the movie but never took the time to find out who developed Speed Racer. The man behind the 50-year-old dynasty goes through the name of Tatsuo Yoshida, who was a Japanese cartoonist that was not just amazing at maintaining Japanese cartoon lover entertained through this series, yet he was also a self-taught artist. Tatsuo was also a writer and also anime pioneer who founded the anime studio referred to as Tatsunoko Productions. ~ he determined to take it his job in print to the next level, he began to make a name for himself v his anime racing collection Mach GoGoGo. Not poor for a writer that became an prompt success in the an initial 5 years of his career.

The Mach GoGoGo manga series was inspired by his Pilot Ace gyeongju series. After ~ Yoshida watched two movies that were well-known in Japan called Goldfinger and also Viva ras Vegas, he made decision to integrate the figure of Elvis Presley into what we now recognize as Speed Racer. Speed, the main character was likewise motivated through James Bond’s gadget-filled Aston boy name automobile.

After a couple of years, the Mach GoGoGo volumes to be released and Yoshida invited his manga collection to Japan through 52 episodes of cartoons for his fans. After choosing chapters the the original Mach GoGoGo series, DC Comics/Wildstorm Productions reprinted the story and also named that Speed Racer: The initial Manga.

18. Animal Cruelty Allegations

When any type of an innovative project is gift filmed in the to chat business, the last thing anyone needs is the pet rights group civilization for the ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) knocking on her door. Think it or not, PETA make it an extremely loud and clear through public allegations of animal cruelty against the Speed Racer film. Throughout the really filming, it was stated that one of the 2 primates on set was beaten ~ it little bit an actor. After ~ the investigation, it was actually evidenced by the American Humane combination (AHA) rep on collection that the stand-in actor for Spritle"s character was bitten without the pet being provoked. The AHA rep stated that at the end of filming, the animal trainer, in an uncontrolled impulse, fight the chimpanzee throughout a training session.

The AHA movie department go on to say the the abuse to be "Completely inexcusable and unacceptable actions in the usage of any animal." It was unfortunate that the AHA rated the movie Speed Racer together an “unacceptable” movie due to the fact that of what happened. They ended off by adding, "The abovementioned training event tarnishes the great work that the rest of production," and also it "Has no method of separating the action of one separation, personal, instance in the rental of a production from the manufacturing as a whole." that is constantly sad to check out these species of points happening throughout the filming of an epic piece of art. We deserve to only hope the this incident didn’t have actually an affect on feedback indigenous movie critics.

17. The Idea for a 2nd Sequel

When we fall head over heels because that a an excellent movie, us leave the theater reasoning that it would certainly be great to watch a sequel. To chat news site Variety discussed that there would certainly be a feasible sequel, if and only if Speed Racer had actually a good box office turn out. In 2008, the Wachowskis contemplated one idea of a sequel as soon as the oriental R&B/pop singer Rain to be asked why his personality (Tejo Togokha) to be happy for rate winning. They replied by stating that the explanation would certainly be consisted of in the following film. Rain shared his thoughts on this by saying that also though he to be hired for 3 years, the did not guarantee a sequel would certainly be released.

As the rumor continued, Christina Ricci chimed in by speak "When us were every leaving, us were favor "Write the sequel!" "We desire to come back." and they to be like, "I know. I know. We"re walking to. Don"t worry."" She mentioned that adding much more action scenes to she character was she goal. Joel Silver, the movie producer, stated that the Wachowskis had "a good story idea because that a sequel" but that there is much more than simply a an excellent idea the goes right into making a movie.

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According come the website Comicbook.com, Tatsunoko production is in the advance stages that rebooting a Speed Racer collection for the brand-new age audience. Who knows what is next? with the way that movies and television reflects are developed these days with remaking standard entertainment, i wouldn’t be surprised if this is true.