The power-steering unit ~ above the Vehicles is a hydraulic unit that assists transforming the prior tires when driving. Power-steering liquid is essential to aid run the unit. Though power-steering liquid is no consumed choose gasoline, a leak may reduce the amount of liquid in your car. If friend hear a loud squeak when turning the wheel, examine the power-steering liquid level and add additional fluid if needed.

Under The Hood:

How to add Power Steering liquid to Pontiac G6 2006 Car

Make sure the engine is cool. Situate the strength steering reservoir. ~ above the 2006 G6, the is placed to the strength steering pump near the alternator.

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Remove the dipstick native the reservoir. The liquid level need to be in the cross-hatched area the the dipstick.

Add tiny amount of strength steering fluid until the level is correct. Perform not overfill the reservoir. If too much liquid is added, remove the excess.

How to include Power Steering fluid to a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

Park the 1998 Pontiac Bonneville ~ above a flat surface, interact the parking brake and open the hood to permit the engine to cool. Friend should add power-steering liquid when the engine is cool.

Locate the liquid reservoir in the engine compartment. The reservoir is situated near the ago of the passenger side of the engine compartment, come the right of the radiator coolant reservoir.

Open the lid of the power-steering reservoir and wipe turn off the dipstick with a rag.

Reattach the cap, eliminate it native the reservoir and check the liquid level top top the dipstick. You require to add fluid if the fluid level is listed below the “Full Cold” mark on the dipstick.

Pour power-steering fluid into the reservoir in small amounts and continually inspect the fluid level on the dipstick making use of the an approach described in action 4.

Secure the liquid reservoir lid to the reservoir as soon as the fluid level get the “Full Cold” mark.

Items you will certainly need


Power-steering fluid

How to add Power Steering liquid to a 2002 Park Avenue

Allow the engine come cool thoroughly before attempting to check your power steering fluid. Eliminate the strength steering reservoir cap and wipe turn off the dipstick attached.

Screw the reservoir cap ago into the power steering unit and also take it ago off again to read the dipstick. Lot like checking her oil dipstick, you have to wipe turn off the strength steering fluid from the dipstick originally to remove the excess fluid that has sloshed roughly it because of normal driving.

Add power steering fluid to the reservoir if the dipstick reads at the "FILL" mark or less than half way between the "FILL" and "HOT" marks. Feed the funnel tub into the strength steering reservoir and include a small bit of fluid in the funnel at a time.

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Check the power steering liquid levels again by replacing the cap ago on to the reservoir and then removing it. Add much more fluid to the reservoir until the dipstick reads the fluid level halfway between the "FILL" and "HOT" marks. Carry out not overfill the reservoir, as damage will occur to the strength steering pump.