Now that Fallout 76 has ultimately gone live and also it’s accessible worldwide, you’ve more than likely had more time to invest with the game and take some awesome photos.

But where space those screenshot located, so the you have the right to share them v your world or just keep them close?

That’s what we’re going to uncover out in today’s article: where to find your autumn 76 screenshots.

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We’re talking around all the screenshot that you have actually taken in-game using the integrated feature that Bethesda uses to that players.

All the photos are save on computer locally and you should discover them conveniently on your hard drive.

In bespeak to access all the image you have actually taken, all you have to do is go to Documents – My gamings – autumn 76 – Photos.

That’s whereby you will find plenty of subdirectories, each corresponding to a beat session.

And there, your little bits the art choose the one below will be waiting:


And this would be it. A rapid guide today, however hopefully helpful in case you weren’t maybe to find your screenshots prior to this.
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