The English meaning of Escobar is Broom or the surname of a plant. The surname Escobar is of Spanish origin. over there are numerous indicators the the surname Escobar may be the Jewish origin, create from the Jewish communities of Spain and also Portugal.

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When the Romans overcame the Jewish nation in 70 CE, much of the Jewish populace was sent into exile throughout the roman Empire. Countless were sent out to the Iberian Peninsula. The approximately 750,000 Jews life in Spain in the year 1492 to be banished indigenous the country by imperial decree the Ferdinand and also Isabella. The Jews of Portugal, were banished number of years later. Reprieve indigenous the banishment decrees to be promised to those Jews who converted to Catholicism. Though part converted by choice, most of these New-Christian switch were referred to as CONVERSOS or MARRANOS (a derogatory term for converts definition pigs in Spanish), ANUSIM (meaning "coerced ones" in Hebrew) and CRYPTO-JEWS, as they secretly continued to practice the tenets the the Jewish faith.

Our research has found that the family members name Escobar is cited v respect to Jews & Crypto-Jews in at least 6 bibliographical, documentary, or digital references:

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Secrecy and Deceit: The faith of the Crypto-Jews, by David Gitlitz

Despite the enhanced attention provided to Hispano-Jewish topics, and the "conversos" or Crypto-Jews in particular, this is the very first thorough compilation of their customs and also practices. The writer has culled indigenous Inquisition documents and other sources to paint a portrait the the richness and also diversity of Crypto-Jewish methods in Spain, Portugal, and the new World. The background of Spanish Jews, or Sephardim, stretches back to biblical times. The Jews the Spain and also Portugal made developmental contributions to all Hispanic cultures, the impact of i beg your pardon is an initial being measured and recognized today. The Sephardim proficient a golden age in Iberia between 900-1100, during which castle acted as the intermediaries between the competitor political and social worlds that Islam and also Christianity. This golden age ended through the Reconquest that Spain through Catholic overlords, despite for one more 300 year the Jews continued to contribute to Iberian life. In 1391 and again in 1492, intense and also violent social pressures were put upon the Jews to sign up with the larger Christian community. Many Jews converted, frequently unwillingly. In 1492 the continuing to be Jews to be exiled indigenous Spain. The convert Jews (Conversos) ended up being an underclass in Spanish society. Plenty of of them clung tenaciously to Jewish techniques in the challenge of torture and death in ~ the hands of the Inquisition. Having lost call with other Jews, this people occurred a faith which to be an admixture that Catholic and Jewish rituals. David Gitlitz examines these techniques in detail and also attempts come answer the concern of even if it is the Conversos to be in fact Jewish. Gitlitz"s research study is exhaustive. He has combed through hundreds of Inquistion records, reflecting that a feeling of "Jewishness" if no Jewish exercise remained a core value of countless Spaniards" resides well into the 1700s. Gitlitz is convincing in mirroring that the Inquisition unwittingly aided crypto-Jews in perpetuating themselves by posting Edicts that Faith. Essentially checklists for informers, they explained the behavior of "Judaizers" (sometimes the practices listed were absurd or merely erroneous). These, ironically, were offered by Judaizers as guides to spiritual behavior. It is revealing that as the Inquisition faded, crypto-Judaism waned, though never totally vanished. Gitlitz"s knowledge and also research top top the topic is encyclopedic. The publication is written in a "textbook" style which provides it rather technical and dry, though it is enlivened by excerpts from Inquisition records, i beg your pardon Gitlitz has actually apparently preferred for their interest, irony, unintentional comedy, or spiritedness. The is complicated to imagine that humans would challenge the tortures of the rack for not eating pork. The these same tortured people could summon the will to laugh at your executioners is other wondrous. The publication includes the name of the Sephardim (and occasionally their residences too).

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Raizes Judaicas No Brasil,(Jewish roots in Brazil) by Flavio Mendes de Carvalho.

This book contains surname of brand-new Christians or Brazilians life in Brazil condemned by the Inquisition in the 17th and 18th centuries, as taken from the archives that Torre carry out Tombo in Lisbon. Many times details including date of birth, occupation, name of parents, age, and also location that domicile are also included. The list additionally includes the name of the loved ones of the victims. There are several cases in which many members of the same family members were tortured and also sentenced therefore some household lines may end here.

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A Origem Judaica dos Brasileiros (The beginning of The Brazilian Jews), by Jose Geraldo Rodrigues de Alckmin Filho

This publication contains a list of 517 Sephardic households punished by the inquisition in Portugal and also Brazil.

Ruth Reyes, "Sephardic family Names from Puerto Rico", The Casa Shalom Journal, Volume 10, released by The Institute for Marrano-Anusim Studies, Gan Yavneh, Israel 2008

This perform is compiled from a catalogue the author found top top a visit come Puerto Rico in the Museum of mountain Juan.

Around the 12th century, surnames started to end up being common in Iberia. In Spain, wherein Arab-Jewish affect was significant, these new names kept their old initial structure, therefore that numerous of the Jewish surnames were of Hebrew derivation. Others were directly related to geographical locations and were acquired due to the required wanderings resulted in by exile and also persecution. Other family names to be a an outcome of conversion, as soon as the family accepted the surname of their Christian sponsor. In plenty of cases, the Portuguese Jews be affected by each other surnames of pure Iberian/Christian origin. Numerous names have been changed in the course of migrate from country to country. In however other situations "aliases", or totally new names, were adopted due to fear of persecution by the Inquisition.

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