Wright here is R3 on a PS4 controller? When a PS4 game prompts you to push the R3 button, it have the right to be easy to acquire confused. After all, there’s no button on a DualShock 4 gamepad labeled “R3” is there? Stick approximately as we cover how to press R3 on PS4, and just how to find R3 on the PS4 controller.

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Where is R3 on a PS4 controller?

The PS4’s R3 switch is located on the best analog stick — you ssuggest need to push it down.

By depressing the right stick you’ll feel a satisfying click that suggests you’ve simply pressed R3. The switch is commonly offered to percreate a melee strike in FPS games, including Cevery one of Duty.


It might come as a surpincrease to learn that the ideal analog stick actually doubles as a button, quite than simply a means to readjust the in-game camera. Despite that, the R3 button has actually been roughly because 1997’s Dual Analog controller was released as an optional peripheral for the original Sony PlayStation.

Wright here is L3 on a PS4 controller?

The L3 switch on PlayStation 4 is supplied by pushing the left analog stick.

Activating L3 is the exact same as R3, simply using the left stick rather of the right stick. L3 is many typically offered to make a character sprint, though have the right to have actually a range of different provides in different games.

Aget, the L3 switch has been about for a lengthy time. Anybody deserve to be forprovided for not learning about its visibility, yet, as unprefer L1 and also L2, the L3 button isn’t labeled once you look at the PlayStation 4 gamepad.

Knowing around these features need to help you out as soon as the next-generation PS5 console launches also. While there hasn’t been explicit confirmation that the upgraded PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will have R3 and also L3 butloads, it appears like a pretty safe bet.

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