Follow the rather straightforward path, walking with grass in some areasand battling versus trainers. Girlfriend don"t have any pokéballs v younow, and you have actually no method to get any kind of yet, so you can"t capture the wild pokémonthat you see.

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Soon, you will reach Cherrygrove City. The guide Gent will show you roughly thetown, and also afterward, he will certainly apologize for running about so quickly. To consist of forit, he provides you the to run Shoes. This are automatically a part of the touch screenfrom currently on. You have the right to hold the B switch to run around, yet you can additionally tap theorange running Shoes tab ~ above the touch screen to turn the running shoes on. This way, you will run there is no needing to hold down any buttons. You deserve to turn them back off by tappingthe orange pair of shoes tab again.

Heal up your pokémon in the Pokémon Center. You will certainly be doing this a lotthroughout your adventure! You have the right to buy a couple of things in ~ the pokémart, yet not anypokéballs in ~ this point. Ns guess this is to store you from getting distracted fromthe task at hand: finding Mr. Pokémon.

When friend head phibìc to proceed on your journey, the overview Gent will stop you for a secondto offer you a map map for her pokégear. This is a map that Johto that will show youall the the courses and major locations. It has many advantageous features, including allowing youto do notes because that each "square" of the map. When you"re ready, go north to route 30.

Along this path, the male in the residence will give you an Apricorn Box. This will keep apricorns,which friend can acquire from apricorn trees. There is one beside the guy"s house: a green apricorn!Check ~ above the tree come shake it, make the apricorn popular music out. A brand-new apricorn will thrive every nightat midnight, so you have the right to keep check on this sorts of tree every work to boost your apricornsupply. Lock have good uses, however you can"t usage them simply yet, therefore for currently you should just collectapricorns as soon as you can.

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As you go along, you will certainly find one more house, this time with a pink apricorn tree alongside it. Acquire theapricorn and then go inside. It"s Mr. Pokémon! Professor Oak is there, too, and he givesyou a an enig Egg. You will be cure up, and also then that will offer you the highly beneficial Pokédex.This is prefer an encyclopedia of pokémon. Anytime you view a pokémon, an entrance automaticallygets added to the pokédex, together with the places in Johto wherein that type of pokémoncan be found. Once you catch a pokémon, much more information for that typeof pokémon gets added, such together the pokémon"s type, size, and also so on.

The pokédex gives you a good way the finding and also catching a pokémon the you have only seenwhen fighting a trainer. You deserve to look at the pokédex entry in ~ the areas where the pokémonhangs out, and also then go there and also catch one yourself!

Oak will give you his phone call number, and also then you have the right to go outside. Professor Elm will say the something badhappened, and also asks you to pertained to his lab. So execute that!