The Kyzylkum Desert looks large enough ~ above a map, however its true dimension is only known to those who have actually journeyed across it. Extending for numerous miles across harsh terrain, the brave traders that pioneered the silk roadway would spend weeks cross it, staring out at the sand. The sand motivated the surname Kyzylkum, which means “red sand” in the neighborhood languages, introduce to the distinct shade of the desert.

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Thankfully the desert is as beautiful together ever yet much much more inviting many thanks to the tools of modern travel. Journeying into the love of the Kyzylkum is quiet an i can not forget thrill, but it doesn’t require that travelers danger life and limb. If friend take some time to learn around the Kyzylkum, you’ll see why adventurers with the periods have braved the red sands in search of treasures both literal and also spiritual.



The Kyzylkum Desert is characterized by the two rivers it follow me between, the Syr Darya in the North and the Amu Darya in the South. The an international wonder, stretching throughout the borders of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and also Turkmenistan. The the sixteenth biggest desert in the world and the 5th largest in Asia, spreading across an area of more than 115,000 square miles. This impressive size provides the Kyzylkum Desert larger than nations like Iceland, south Korea, and also Ireland.


The Kyzylkum Desert is so dry and also desolate due to the weather. Every year round there’s hardly any type of rainfall. Throughout the year the desert is likely to obtain somewhere in between four and also eight inches of rain. Keep in mind that this precipitation isn’t evenly divided. The mostly falls in the winter and also spring, through a long stretch that bone-dry weather stretching through the Summer and Fall. The temperature in the area swings considerably over the course of a year. In January the temperature average about 40 degrees Fahrenheit if the July median is around 82 levels Fahrenheit. Yet while those temperatures can not it seems ~ too excessive visitors do not do it let their guards down, in the summer highs have actually been recognized to climb over 120 degrees Fahrenheit!


Local History

The desert is a beautiful location for temporary visitors but its a harsh setting for everyone seeking to collection down roots. Still, locals have uncovered ways to scrape out a living in the desert for thousands of years. Archeological evidence shows united state that the Andronovo civilization lived in the area as far earlier as 2100 BC. Throughout many of the ar history, the area has mainly been populated by nomadic people that progressive livestock ~ above the open up plains. Over there are also a few areas along the Syr and Amu Darya rivers where consistent flooding allows for farming.

Today the region’s economic climate is built approximately what’s under the ground quite than what’s over it. Rarely minerals and also natural gases have actually been discovered under the desert, and a number of mining towns have actually popped up across the desert to tap right into its covert wealth. Still, also after decades of economic advance the an ar is really sparsely populated.

The cultural and political history of the area is every bit as exciting as its herbal wonders. The has adjusted hands plenty of times over the years, indigenous Alexander the good to the Persian Empire, indigenous the Soviet Union until it was lastly divided in between the contemporary countries that share regulate today. Many of the people who live in the area have deep roots, v ancestors who have seen the rise and also fall the many great empires. It’s something you deserve to see once looking at historical monuments and also in the faces of the people who call the desert home.


Aydar Lake

Most of the desert is dry together a bone, yet it is likewise home to one of the biggest manmade lakes on earth, Aydar Lake. Come make points even much more interesting, the lake was developed unintentionally. When the area was a component of the Soviet Union federal government officials chose to dam up the regional rivers to shot and rise the lot of farmland in the desert. However rainfall exceeded expectations and also lead come water overflowing and also pouring into surrounding lowlands wherein the water was trapped. Over time this has lead come the creation of a lake that covers much more than 1,200 square miles. All said this lake contains an ext than ten and also a half cubic miles of water! all of this because Soviet bureaucrats didn’t account for every one of the variables when building their dams. Now the lake is a well-known tourist destination and a living testament to humanity’s capability to reshape the earth, intentional or otherwise.

Discovering Desert Beauty

The Kyzylkum Desert is a soil of concealed treasures. If you understand where come look, you’ll uncover rivers, mountains, plains, lakes, and also valleys. In the middle of the red sand, all sorts of pets have controlled to find their niche. Tourists who come through the desert get to evil life at its many tenacious. They’ll additionally be able come ride camelback across the desert, explore ancient cities, and also get to understand some that the most fascinating locals you’ll discover anywhere top top earth.

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If you desire to discover this splendid stretch that nature yourself, yes no far better way to perform it than our 5 Stans of central Asia Tour. This is the ultimate way to suffer the Kyzylkum Desert and also even more of the region. Anyone searching for a trip that combines ancient history, herbal beauty, and high adventure should consider a journey right into the Kyzylkum Desert.


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