Mercury dimes are an extremely popular ten-cent pieces produced by the United says Mint native 1916 come 1945. This dime is composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. The coin has a total of just over .072 trojan ounces of silver.

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The Mercury Dime is likewise commonly described as the Winged Liberty Head Dime and was draft by Adolph Weinman. The coin acquired its typical name from its reverse depiction that a young Liberty which was puzzled with the roman inn god Mercury.

Although the coin’s architecture was looked top top favorably, some changes had to be made due to the fact that the coin did no get along with vending machines. The coin was produced until 1945, in ~ which time the Treasury notified a new design featuring freshly deceased president Franklin Roosevelt.

Mercury Dime Value-What dealers Pay

The worth of a Mercury Dime have the right to vary substantially depending on its date, condition and also mint mark. These worths can variety from much less than $1.50 to end $1500 because that a single coin. If you have actually a Mercury Dime of a sought-after mint year and also it shows up to it is in in good condition, you might want to take into consideration having it graded through a expert coin grading firm such together PCGS or NGC.

By taking the time to have actually your Mercury Dime graded, you may have the ability to get a closer idea regarding what the coin can be precious to coin dealers and also collectors. The grading process is very thorough and also can account for even really minor imperfections. By having actually the coin graded, you will likewise rest easy learning that its steel content and also authenticity have been verified.

Mercury Dime value is Conditional

You can take a close look at at your Mercury Dime to try to acquire a good idea as to what it might potentially it is in worth. Over there are numerous points of referral for this. You can very closely examine the coin’s olive branch as a starting point. If the olive branch has significant wear and tear or discoloration, the coin is likely only in good condition. If any type of wear top top the olive branch is minimal and also there is tiny to no discoloration, the coin may potentially it is in assigned a class of fine. If the olive branch stays crisp, clean and also well-preserved through no indications of erosion or discoloration, the coin is perhaps in very fine condition. Friend can also compare various other details of the coin as well-since they have to all be in an excellent shape to it is in assigned a higher grade on the scale. The Liberty Head or the message on the coin together as day or “LIBERTY” deserve to all it is in used as a point of reference.

The an important Mint Marks

You will additionally want come look at your Mercury Dime to view where it to be minted. Mercury Dimes minted in Philadelphia go not have a mint mark while coins produced in san Francisco will have an “S” mint mark and also coins minted in Denver will have actually a “D” mint mark. Several of the most an useful and desired Mercury Dimes were minted in Denver and also will therefore have a “D” ~ above the reverse follow me the bottom pickled in salt of the coin.

Mercury Dime Values can Be High

There are 5 primary mint days that are the many sought after ~ by dealers and also collectors. The 1916 D, because that example, may have a worth of over $650 even in just great condition. The 1921 and also 1921 D likewise can be very valued through prices of $48 come $61 for coins in great condition and $96 come $178 because that coins in good condition. The 1926 S will likely have actually a minimum value of $10 for coins in great condition.

Given their age, silver- content and beautiful design, the Mercury Dime might potentially see further price appreciation in the future.

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Mercury Dimes

1916 Mercury Dime$4$7$15$25
1916 Mercury Dime (D)$1,000$2,600$6,000$9,000
1916 Mercury Dime (S)$4$9$20$25
1917 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$8$12
1917 Mercury Dime (D)$4.50$11$45$95
1917 Mercury Dime (S)$3$4$12$30
1918 Mercury Dime$3$6$25$40
1918 Mercury Dime (D)$3$6$24$50
1918 Mercury Dime (S)$3$5$18$40
1919 Mercury Dime$3$4$10$30
1919 Mercury Dime (D)$4$12$35$75
1919 Mercury Dime (S)$3.50$8$35$75
1920 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$8$15
1920 Mercury Dime (D)$3$4.50$20$45
1920 Mercury Dime (S)$3.25$5$18$45
1921 Mercury Dime$65$130$600$925
1921 Mercury Dime (D)$80$210$775$1,250
1923 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$7$16
1923 Mercury Dime (S)$3$8$65$105
1924 Mercury Dime$3$4$15$30
1924 Mercury Dime (D)$3.50$8$70$110
1924 Mercury Dime (S)$3.50$6$60$110
1925 Mercury Dime$3$4$10$20
1925 Mercury Dime (D)$3$4$10$20
1925 Mercury Dime (S)$3.25$8$70$110
1926 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$7$16
1926 Mercury Dime (D)$3.25$6$28$50
1926 Mercury Dime (S)$13$26$250$450
1927 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$7$15
1927 Mercury Dime (D)$3.50$8$80$100
1927 Mercury Dime (S)$3.25$6$28$50
1928 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$7$18
1928 Mercury Dime (D)$4$8$50$95
1928 Mercury Dime (S)$3$4$16$45
1929 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$6$12
1929 Mercury Dime (D)$3$5$15$24
1929 Mercury Dime (S)$3$3.75$10$20
1930 Mercury Dime$3$3.50$8$16
1930 Mercury Dime (S)$3$5$15$45
1931 Mercury Dime$3$4$10$22
1931 Mercury Dime (D)$8$12$35$60
1931 Mercury Dime (S)$4$6$15$45
1934 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.50$16
1934 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.50$16
1935 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$7
1935 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$8$26
1935 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$5$16
1936 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.50$7
1936 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$6$16
1936 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.50$13
1937 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$7
1937 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$4$12
1937 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.50$12
1938 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$2.25$7
1938 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$4$11
1938 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.50$12
1939 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$6
1939 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.25$6
1939 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$4$13
1940 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$5
1940 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$5$3.25$5
1940 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.25$6
1941 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$5
1941 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.25$6
1941 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$5$3.25$5
1942 Mercury Dime$2.25$2.25$3.25$4.50
1942 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$5$3.25$4.50
1942 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.25$6
1943 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
1943 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
1943 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.25$5
1944 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
1944 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.25$5
1944 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.25$5
1945 Mercury Dime$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
1945 Mercury Dime (D)$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
1945 Mercury Dime (S)$2.25$3$3.25$4.50
Source: Red Book

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