It might surprise you to understand that the foot is just one of the most complex structures the the body. It includes a many moving components - 26 bones, 33 joints and also over 100 ligaments. Such complexity is necessary because the foot is forced to do numerous different tasks such together walking, running and climbing. Between them, the 2 feet need to balance the weight of the body, redistributing the in an answer to place changes. This is, if you"ll pardon the pun, no median feat.

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The anatomy of the foot

The foot contains a lot of moving components - 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 ligaments.

The foot is divided into three sections - the forefoot, the midfoot and the hindfoot.

The forefoot

This consists of 5 long metatarsal bones and also five much shorter bones that kind the toe (phalanges).

The midfoot

This is roughly pyramid-shaped and is consisted of of three picture writing bones, the navicular bone and the cuboid bone. These kind the arches of the feet. They are actually fairly a miracle of engineering, forming a structure which is both flexible and also sturdy.

The hindfoot

This is consisted of of the talus bone and the calcaneum. The talus connects v the tibia and also fibula to form the fishing eye joint, and also the calcaneum is the bone that forms the heel. The calcaneum is the biggest bone in the foot.

The muscles, tendons and also ligaments

The muscles room located mostly in the sole of the foot and also divided right into a central (medial) group and a group on either next (lateral). The muscle at the optimal of the foot fan out to supply the separation, personal, instance toes.

The tendons are thick bands that attach muscles to bones. Once the muscles tighten (contract) they pull on the tendons, which in turn move the bones. Arguably, the most necessary tendon is the Achilles tendon, which permits the calf muscles to move the fishing eye joint.

The ligaments are fibrous bands - imagine very strong rubber bands - which bind the bones with each other to provide shape, flexibility and also strength come the foot. There are plenty of ligaments in the foot. Part run together to form complicated webs approximately areas which require extra support, such together the sole of the foot, the top of the foot and also the fishing eye joint.

Anatomy that the foot


Calcaneus (heel bone)Talus (ankle bone)Transverse tarsal jointNavicular boneLateral cuneiform boneIntermediate picture writing boneMedial picture writing boneMetatarsal bonesProximal phalangesDistal phalangesTarsometatarsal jointCuboid

Looking after her feet

We probably spend an ext time maintaining our cars 보다 we carry out our feet. It"s amazing how small care we give them, considering what complicated machines they are and also what we intend them come do. However, once things do go wrong they shortly start complaining! Foot pain need to never it is in ignored, particularly if it wake up daily and also becomes persistent.

There room some simple things you have the right to do to look after your feet.

Wash your feet daily

Simple hygiene measures will aid reduce the danger of infection. However, don"t soak them for hours as this influence the organic oils developed by the skin.

Dry your feet properly

No fast wipe v a tiny towel. Yes, really get between those toes and give them a an excellent dry. Damp human body surfaces room ideal breeding grounds for fungal epidemic such as athlete"s foot.

Moisturise and also file

Use a moisturising cream routinely if you have actually dry skin however don"t placed it in between your toes, as this area is best kept dry. Remove tough skin and callus through a pumice stone or foot file but it is in gentle. Vigorous rubbing will only make the skin grow earlier harder and also there is a peril of skin damage, which can make the area vulnerable to infection.

Cut toenails regularly

Cut your toenails v care, straight across and never down at the edges. Cutting the pond at the corners can lead to inadvertently trauma come the skin and additionally increase the risk of ingrowing toenails.

Buy shoes in the afternoon

This might seem odd but as the work goes on, your feet acquire slightly larger. If girlfriend buy shoes in the morning, their is a hazard they will certainly be too tight, therefore it"s finest to shop in the afternoon.

Footwear tips

There"s a motion to stop employers indigenous insisting that women wear high heels because that work, yet the requirement still exists in part jobs. If you have to wear high heels, take into consideration travelling to and also from occupational in much more comfortable footwear, and wear high heels only as soon as you need to. Limit the quantity of time you wear high heels, shoes through pointed toes and any footwear that feels uncomfortable. Flip-flops put press on your arches and also heels, and wearing lock for long periods that time is ideal avoided. If you balance fashion with comfort her feet will say thanks to you for it.

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Advice for the over-60s

As you get older your skin thins and also you become more prone to conditions affecting the feet. Make certain you examine your feet routinely for infections, cuts, calluses and also corns. Don"t ignore persistent foot pains which is a signal that there is a problem. The university of Podiatry recommends -six-monthly foot MOTs for the over-60s.