Chicopee’s classic Blue Seal Kielbasa and table-ready meat are back in production, six months after ~ a water-main rest flooded out Chicopee delivery Inc.'s century-old manufacturing facility at 19 Sitarz Ave.

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Tuesday was the an initial cook, said Paul Tanguay, agency vice president.

“The first batch come out much better than anticipated,” Tanguay said. “And it had actually been lot anticipated.”

Workers started at 6:30 top top Tuesday morning grinding and also mixing and also then stuffing the casings. The first racks started food preparation at 10:30 a.m. That takes three hrs for the kielbasa come cook. Then, the kielbasa should spend an additional three hrs in a smokehouse picking up that traditional flavor.

But the kielbasas can not hit keep shelves yet. Tanguay said the manufacturing facility still demands to pass one critical USDA inspection, a swab test searching for cleanliness in the brand-new plant. He expects whatever will be “go” on Friday.

Another issue is getting hold that raw materials — pork trimmings native slaughterhouses roughly the country — provided that the coronavirus has complicated truck transport.

One other fallout native the coronavirus is that Chicopee Provision have to now control accessibility to its basic much an ext tightly and also won't sell walk-up sleeve purchasing in ~ its plant, Tanguay said.

A Sept. 26, 2019 water key break flooded the basement with 6 feet that water and also damaging two huge freezers and also a cooler.

Repair occupational was much more extensive than monitoring anticipated, and also Chicopee supplication missed do kielbasa for Christmas.

The building, house to the 100-year-old company since 1926, now has actually virtually a new plant with brand-new floors, ceilings, paint and equipment.

Chicopee delivery thanked Mayor man L. Vieau, structure Commissioner Carl Dietz, Fire chef Daniel Stamborski, the USDA and their particular staff because that the aid and support gaining the facility ago up and also running.

The agency has 33 employees and also many had to take a layoff or a workshare program during the shutdown, Tanguay said. Employees likewise painted and did other job-related for the renovations.

Chicopee Provision receipt itself as among the city’s oldest businesses start in 1920 once Stanley Sitarz, his brother Jacob, and also a colleague named Bartlomiej Partyka joined together to make polish format kielbasa and also other meats.

The Polish people have a long history in Chicopee and the city has actually intermittently held a kielbasa festival end the years.

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