i"ve seen a lot of people putting stickers on the grip and also at the bottom the the deck. I don"t know where to placed the sticker i uncovered in the skateboarding video clip my uncle to buy me for x-mas
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put it anywhere you want...if its a really tiny cool sticker ill cut out the grip and put that on top
put it almost everywhere you want...if the a really little cool sticker ill cut out the grip and also put that on top
i dont have actually a camera however if its just a tiny sticker stencil roughly it through pencil and also then reduced the stencil with a exacto knife and put that on the wood
If it"s a big sticker don"t placed it ~ above the grip, don"t put it ~ above the tail one of two people becuase her foot will certainly slide off.

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If it"s hecka huge I speak don"t put it ~ above the top and also put it on the bottom. If its small, ns say put it everywhere on your board.
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Pretty lot wherever girlfriend like yet i would say ~ above the bottom, u could scrape them turn off if over there on the top.
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and u no scrape them turn off if lock on the bottom? what kinda sence is that? what kinda sticker r us talking here? u dont even have to placed it on ur board cuz no matter where u oput the (except under the wheel) its gunna get fucked up. Placed it on ur binder or helmet or ipod or almost everywhere man its simply a sticker...im certain ull gain more
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If I put a sticker top top the optimal of my board prior to I apply the grip I cut the grip so it have the right to fit without messing increase the grip. Like on my blind deck.
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Or be favor me, placed the sticker ~ above the wood, cut the tight so it fits the deck but doesn"t covering the sticker. Sounds stupid yet it looks much better then it sounds.

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Bottom, uneven you have a really tiny stick and you desire to make a small cut ~ above in your grip because that it.