Cultivation up, my husband Adam and his household would certainly spend weekends and vacations touring the country visiting filming places from their favorite movies. He has actually wonderful childhood memories from that time in his life. As for me, I love to take a trip, yet I didn’t frequently have the time. I’ve always wanted to go to brand-new locations, so after I met Adam, he took me on an adventure to continue his family heritage in Mansarea, Ohio where The Shawshank Redemption, his favorite movie, was filmed.

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Finding the trail

Based on the novella Rita Hayworth and also Shawshank Redemption, by Stephen King, the 1994 movie, The Shawshank Redemption tells a story of hope and lasting friendship in the challenge of adversity. Sentenced to 2 life terms for the murders of his wife and her lover (a crime he didn’t commit) Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) experiences the harsh reality of prikid life. At Shawshank Prison, prisoner Ellis “Red” Redding (Mbody organ Freeman) befriends Andy. At some point Andy escapes via a tunnel that took him 19 years to carve out.

We found The Shawshank Trail, a series of 15 places in Mansfield and also the surrounding area wbelow the movie was filmed. We downloaded the Shawshank Trail catalog & map, and found that all 15 sites along the trail have actually a “Movie Site” sign so they’re quickly determined. Adam had the idea of taking photos to complement scenes from the film; so needless to say, we were excited to acquire started.

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Day 1

On our initially day, we started at the first website, the Ohio State Reformatory, where the Shawshank State Prikid scenes were filmed. It’s also right here that Andy utters Adam’s favorite line to quote, “I guess it comes dvery own to an easy alternative, really. Get busy living or obtain busy dying.”

It’s likewise right here that Andy utters Adam’s favorite line to quote, “I guess it comes down to a simple alternative, really. Get busy living or gain busy dying.”

The stately reformatory looks just as it did in the movie, virtually out of location in the rolling, green hills of northeastern Ohio. Nicknamed Dracula’s Castle, its imposing and also ornate style renders it seem even more of a grand also castle than a former prichild. I acquire a tiny chill just staring at it. That the Reformatory is supposedly haunted only adds to the eeriness.

Tright here are several various tours to pick from, both guided and self-guided, and we opt for the History Meets Hollywood Tour. Along the way, we remap the footsteps of primary character Andy Dufresne and the remainder of the Shawshank detainees as our knowledgeable overview takes us through Warden Norton’s office, prisoner Brooks’ hotel room and also the pafunction boardroom. We take photos of each and also think around what it would be like to lie on hard cots in our very own cells. We looked right into Andy Dufresne’s escape tunnel, and I imagined the film production and the experience of the character, desperately crawling to flexibility.

We leave the reformatory and continue, just 2 miles, for a tour at the Bissguy Building, the website of the Brewer Hotel (where Brooks, the elderly priboy librarian in the film, remained after his release) and also the Portland Daily Bugle newspaper. We discovered out that the outside and inside of the building was used in the movie for both purposes; the actual room where Brooks hung himself was filmed at the Reformatory.

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At Carrousel Antiques in downtvery own Mansarea, we peer via the same window Red peers via as soon as he sees a compass that later leads him to the oak tree. At Central Park, we sit on the bench where Brooks fed the birds in the film. I take a photo of Adam sitting in the exact same spot and add it to our repertoire. As we head to the next site, we drive previous the Renaissance Theatre, where moviegoers and also celebrities sat for the movie premiere on September 13, 1994.