The London of Ebenezer Scrooge

The story is, that course, based upon an almost-as-good brief story by Charles Dickens. The good author omits the singing cabbages and also the contempt troubling pig-frog Cratchit coupling, yet his novella otherwise takes a very comparable course. The is likewise an eminently Londony story, with plenty of recommendations to the capital"s landmarks and also streets.

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website of Dickens"s previous home (since rebuilt), and also probably inspiration for the Cratchit house.

The Cratchit household

We"re called on two occasions that Scrooge"s salesman Bob Cratchit lives in Camden Town, in addition to his wife and children Peter, Martha, Belinda, "two smaller Cratchits" and also the selfless tiny Tim.

It"s no disclosed precisely where in Camden this struggling family reside, but Dickens might have had in mind among his own childhood dwellings at 16 Bayham Street, wherein he lived in 1823. This was a cold time because that the Dickens family, v mounting debts that would cause the imprisonment of Charles"s father.

Scrooge"s count house

The frigid workplaces of Scrooge and Marley space never precisely located. However, the message contains ideas that help us monitor the company down. The best hint is offered to united state by Bob Cratchit. On the long walk residence to Camden Town, Cratchit "went under a slide on Cornhill, in ~ the finish of a lane of boys, 20 times, in honour of its gift Christmas Eve". The step is memorably caught in the Muppet version:

If the ice cream slide is top top Cornhill, and also Cratchet is heading north-west to Camden, then he need to have collection off from southern or east of the Cornhill area. We"re likewise told the the premises room in a narrow court. Further, we"re told around an "ancient tower of a church, whose gruff old bell was always peeping slily down at Scrooge out of a Gothic window in the wall". This has led part to speculate that Dickens had actually in psychic the gothic tower the St Michael Cornhill. It certainly looks the part, and also presides over a network that courts and alleys lot like those described in the story.

St Michael Cornhill. Gruff old bell no pictured.At the moment of the book, however, this would certainly only have actually been 120 year old... Fixed ancient, though maybe the term had a various shade of definition back then. Still, there"s no much better candidate, and the location additionally befits Scrooge"s financial trade. A fairly grand Fuller"s pub by the surname of The Counting house stands surrounding on Cornhill — a fine place to ponder the matter further.

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Sadly, no clues are given to the ar of Scrooge"s house, scene of his four visitations (and the worst pun in western literature: "There"s an ext of gravy 보다 of grave around you"). We"re only told that it is down a yard and also close to a church.