Looking because that a fun task to carry out with the kids on a rainy day? How about giving this an easy yet really cool experiment a go? youngsters can discover while having fun and passing time. This activity can be done at house or together a group at college - the an ext the merrier actually! The suggested age group for the experiment would be indigenous 4-13 (some older children might still obtain a kick the end of that too). 

This scientific research experiment is a an excellent way come learn about the nature of solids and liquids and also how they adjust at various temperatures (hot and cold). If you are working with older children, they could learn more if they have actually an opportunity to perform the liquids/solutions they room going to use in their experiment so the they deserve to make a note of what state they room in at differing temperature, for example: room temperature (in it"s herbal state), in a hot environment (out in the sun or placed in a heated oven) and also then at freezing point. Castle can also make a keep in mind of which problem melts first etc. And also which substance freezes quicker or perhaps does no freeze at all. These notes can be provided for more analyses and also discussions.

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Focusing on see which substances freeze and at what speed, girlfriend will should gather the following materials: 

Access come a freezerAn ice cream trayA timer

And a variety of the complying with liquids/substances:

WaterDish washing liquidHoneySalt water solutionVinegarMilkCooking Oil/Hand SanitiserLet"s acquire going! 

Before you fill your trays, mark each "cube" with a symbol so that you recognize what problem is in every cube, water and also vinegar deserve to look the exact same for example. Fill each that the ice cream cubes with among the above detailed substances, making sure that they space all set at room temperature before you start. Once the tray has been filled, ar it flat into the freezer. Acquire the children to perform each that the building material in a notebook, or to begin compiling a graph (up to you how you desire them to record the data) while castle wait. Set a timer to walk of every 15 minutes to watch the tray to watch which substances have actually started freezing an initial and i beg your pardon ones space not freezing at all. 

To help pass the time, you might take the exact same substances and heat them, to view what happens to the properties in a hot environment, this way they deserve to compare the data.

Graph example:


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The findings 

Before mentioning the findings, you can want come teach the children the an interpretation behind the words "viscous", due to the fact that the viscosity of each liquid/solution comes into play here.

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Viscous method sticky, gluey and syrupy. For this reason if something is viscous, you typically don"t desire to stick your fingers in that — that goes for boogers and maple syrup alike. -https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/viscous

The result will show that the liquids through a reduced viscosity froze faster while those that whereby thicker take it the longest to freeze, or didn"t freeze in ~ all! 

Milk freezes the fastest, this is because there are already solids rely in milk, making the nearer come a solid state than water and also vinegar for instance (both of i m sorry froze shortly after the milk). The liquids that had a higher viscosity, prefer the food soap, honey, hand sanitiser and also oil, did no freeze at all - this is due to the fact that there is an ext dissolved solids in the water 보다 there is water.


Did girlfriend know?Saltwater has a much lower freezing point (the freezing suggest is the temperature wherein something freezes) 보다 freshwater does. And the an ext salt over there is in it, the lower the freezing allude gets. Therefore in stimulate to recognize the precise temperature that it’s going come freeze, you have to know just exactly how salty that is. For saltwater that’s together saturated together it have the right to possibly get (i.e. Yes sir no means to dissolve any an ext salt in that no issue how tough you tried), the freezing allude is -21.1 levels Celsius. This is once the saltwater is 23.3% salt (by weight) - https://van.physics.illinois.edu/qa/listing.php?id=1722


I love experiments favor these, they space so basic and can be done at residence or in the class without much fuss in ~ all, and the chance to learn brand-new things is vast, for older kids and even for toddlers who room just beginning to know the world. ENJOY!