Question 1/12You are going across the country to visit a good friend. You prefer to travel bya plane- it's the fastest way to get thereyour car so you don't have to deal with anyone elsea bus so you can meet a lot of peoplea train so you can see the world go bya boat- you enjoy watching the waves

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Question 2/12Your favorite thing to dress up as on Halloween is....Freddy Krugera clownLittle Bo Peepone of the three stoogesa doctor
Question 3/12You are a week late taking your movie rentals back. You...decide to watch them again before taking them back.apologize and explain you had a busy week before you pay the finetell the clerk that the movies sucked and you want your money backpay the fine and rent a bunch more movies when you are thereput them on the counter when the clerk isn't looking and leave quickly
Question 4/12The kind of book you enjoy reading the most is...biographiesmurder mysteriesscience fictionumm...books? Reading? Do magazines count?romances
Question 5/12In the winter you like to...go sledding with your nephewsstay cozy by the firehit the slopescomplain about the weathermake snow angels
Question 6/12When you are crushing on someone nothing- he's probably not interested anywayask him out!watch him from afar and blush when you think about himgiggle and bat your eye lashes at himfollow him around and duck behind trees when he looks at you
Question 7/12Your favorite television show is...America's Funniest VideosAll My ChildrenJudge JudyERThe Simpsons
Question 8/12Your boss calls you into his office to tell you that your last report was not acceptable. You...tell him you quit- you don't need that kind of criticism!don't take it personally- it's just a job!ask what needs improvement and then do it!nod your head quietly and then start crying when you are out of his officedo the report over, but accidentally hand in the wrong one again
Question 9/12The best thing about being in love is having someone to...make out withdream aboutmake plans withlisten to youlaugh with
Question 10/12When you go to the movies you...intently watch the show & get annoyed when people talksneak in your own food and drinkssit at the back and blush when your hand touches your datesinvite all your friends and go out for drinks afterwardstalk to your friend and make comments for the whole show
Question 11/12You hate the dress your friend expects you to wear for her wedding. You...refuse to wear it and pick out something you like bettergently suggest something else and hope she'll change her mindmake jokes about the dress all night longwear it and smile- it's her wedding, not yours!wear it and feel embarrassed the whole night
Question 12/12You discover a strange person in your cottage and she tells you she needs help. You....start chatting and are glad to have someone aroundmake a cup of tea for her, but spill it all over yourselfsmile and don't know how to act around herimmediately tell her she can stay and then lock all the doorstell her she can stay, but she better not get in your way!

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