living organisms have the right to be construed in terms of the same physical and chemical regulations that can be used to define all natural phenomena.

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Which the the following world was the an initial to synthesize an organic compound, urea, native inorganic starting materials?
organic molecules have the right to be synthesized abiotically under conditions that may have existed on early on Earth.
Hermann Kolbe"s synthesis of an organic compound, acetic acid, from inorganic substances that had been prepared straight from pure facets was a far-ranging milestone because that what reason?
It showed that necessary compounds might be synthesized from inorganic compounds and also disproved the principle of vitalism.
When Stanley Miller applied heat and also electrical sparks to a mixture of straightforward inorganic link such together methane, hydrogen gas, ammonia, and water vapor, what compounds to be produced?
both basic organic compounds and also more complicated organic compound such as amino acids and also hydrocarbons
They were included into organic molecules by plants, they to be processed right into sugars v photosynthesis, and they are ultimately derived from carbon dioxide.

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The carbon atoms at some point came native carbon dioxide incorporated into sugars with photosynthesis.
Research suggests that ibuprofen, a drug supplied to relieve inflammation and pain, is a mixture of two enantiomers; that is, molecules that
What determines even if it is a carbon atom"s covalent bond to other atoms room in a tetrahedral construction or a planar configuration?
Compared to a hydrocarbon chain whereby all the carbon atoms are connected by solitary bonds, a hydrocarbon chain with the same variety of carbon atoms, but with one or more double bonds, will
Organic molecule with just hydrogens and five carbon atoms deserve to have various structures in every one of the complying with ways except
A compound contains hydroxyl groups as the predominant useful group. Which of the complying with statements is true worrying this compound?
A carbon skeleton is covalently bonded to both an amino group and also a carboxyl group. When put in water it
Testosterone and also estradiol room male and also female sex hormones, respectively, in plenty of vertebrates. In what way(s) do these molecules different from every other?
A chemist wishes to make an necessary molecule less acidic. I beg your pardon of the adhering to functional groups should be added to the molecule in order to do so?