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43. The correct answer is choice A. This place is held by meritocracy. 44. The correct ans…View the complete answer

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Transcribed photo text: inquiry 43 1.33 pts which of the adhering to terms means, "a widespread id that one's course position is quite much determined solely by separation, personal, instance achievement." O meritocracy caste individualism egalitarianism inquiry 44 1.33 pts which of the complying with is the best definition of the term, 'social structure? sturdy patterns the behavior and nonrandom assortments of actions and events that take place in society life. The individual firm people use to structure social life when confronted with durable inequalities. Commonplace dwellings in which far-ranging numbers of the population resides. A macro-sized statistics area arisen by the U.S.census bureau for objectives of population counting. 1.33 pts question 45 according to our discussion in class, the term 'race' describes a group of world that: space physically distinct in some means and space generally taken into consideration by themselves and others come constitute a distinct group are physically and also culturally unique in some means are physically distinct in some method are culturally distinctive in some means and are generally considered by themselves and others come constitute a distinct group inquiry 46 1.33 pts Deviance is finest defined as: any type of recognized violation that a cultural norm actions and thoughts that room inherently poor or evil action that is inherently bad or angry thoughts that room inherently poor or evil question 47 1.33 pts In order for something to be taken into consideration deviant, two things need to happen: violation the a norm; an adverse reaction (i.e., sanctioning) from rather adherence to a norm; an unfavorable reaction (i.e., sanctioning) from others violation of a norm; fail of rather to identify that violation adherence to a norm; failure of others to recognize that adherence concern 48 1.33 pts True or False? native a strict sociological allude of view, part actions and also thoughts are inherently deviant. True False concern 49 1.33 pts Crime is best defined as the violation the a society's formally spreading criminal law. True False question 50 1.33 pts True or False? A sociological approach to deviance focuses on exactly how individual attributes, such as psychological traits or genetics, directly cause people to connect in deviance. True False inquiry 61 1.33 pts Sheena is a high level manager at a commonwealth bank, and for the last numerous months she has actually been embezzling funds and also using the money to acquisition cars and also various devices for herself. Sheena's crime is finest described as: white-collar O corporate blue-collar capitalist concern 62 1.33 pts The statement, "the regulation is a tool used by the an effective to protect and promote their very own interests" is most closely aligned with the view on deviance. Dispute Functionalist Postmodern Symbolic Interactionist question 63 1.33 pts Cooley and also Mead helped lay the an easy theoretical groundwork because that which the the following approaches to understanding deviance? labeling theory stigmatization theory functionalist theory social conflict theory concern 65 1.33 pts even if it is we define deviance as a moral or medical worry affects: who (e.g., agencies, organizations, authorities) responds come a certain act of deviance how conveniently labels 'stick come the person to i m sorry they room being used social solidarity and also the boundaries between right and wrong the norms used to construct deviant category in the first place concern 66 1.33 pts "Deviance exists since inequality exists" is a phrase mainly closely linked with i beg your pardon theoretical perspective? problem Functionalist Rational choice Symbolic Interactionist