See exactly how well you understand the concepts and vocabulary that relate to energy transfer by play the matching game below. Enjoy!

energy pyramid
layered diagram mirroring feeding relationships and the amount of power that is transferred within a food chain
Energy is gift transferred.What does the arrow on a food chain indicate?
the sunthe source of power in virtually all food chains
consumeran organism that feeds on various other organisms to attain nourishment and energy
producerOrganism the manufactures its on food and therefore is the first living connect in food chains and also food webs
photosynthesisFood-making process in producers
trophic levelFeeding level in ~ a food chain/energy pyramid
decomposersFungi, bacteria, worms, and insects which malfunction dead or disc matter and also recycle nutrients earlier into the air, water, or soil
herbivore1st level consumer that eats just plants
carnivore2nd level (or higher) consumer that eats just meat
omnivoreconsumer the eats both plants and also other animals
tertiary (3rd level) consumertop level consumer in a food chain or food web that has the least number of natural adversaries that would certainly feed top top it
autotrophsynonym because that producer
heterotrophsynonym because that consumer
10%the amount of power passed top top at every level in a food chain/energy pyramid
Which team of living points receives the best amount of energy from the sun?green plants (producers/autotrophs)
Which group of consumer receives the most energy in a food chain?plant eaters (herbivores)
Which group of consumers receives the the very least amount of energy in a food chain?tertiary or peak level consumers
All the linked food chain in a offered area; the move of the multidirectional sun\"s energy from producer to consumersfood web
the unidirectional flow of the sun\"s power from producers to consumer as organisms feeding on one anotherfood chain
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