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IT Essentials v7.0:

1. What is a great safety precaution to take when opening a computer case?

Place tape end the case edges that are sharp.Remove the cover (or door) that the computer case before installing or removing parts.Remove the relationships to the former panel before extending the case fully open.Ensure the any loose clothing such as a tie or shirt continue to be in constant contact with the situation when handling internal components.

Explanation: Computer situations can quickly be a danger to technicians. Prior to working within a computer, research the case edges and also put ice cream over any kind of of the spicy edges to stop physical harm. A instance is opened, yet seldom removed once installing or remove parts. Loosened clothing should be secured before you work inside a computer.

2. What walk the “A” in P-A-S-S remind a person to perform while making use of a fire extinguisher?

Aim the fire extinguisher in ~ the flames.Aim the fire extinguisher in ~ the basic of the fire.Activate the fire extinguisher.Adjust the pressure.

Explanation: once using the P-A-S-S memory assist with a fire extinguisher, the “A” in P-A-S-S is for aiming in ~ the base of the fire and also not at the flames.

3. Just how is a strength supply commonly attached to a tower case?

restraining strapretention barscrewsstandoffs

Explanation: To download a strength supply into a pc tower case, open up the case, align the strength supply through the case holes, and use screws to connect the strength supply come the case.

4. A technician is replacing a strength supply. I m sorry two components should the technician consider when obtaining the instead of part? (Choose two.)

type the caseinput voltage level the 12 or 5 VDCnumber of internal fansoutput voltagewattage

Explanation: A technician should take into consideration the following when choosing a strength supply:Type of motherboardWattageNumber and kind of connectorsType of caseThe computer input strength level is either 120 or 240 VAC. Output voltages space standard 3.3, 5, and also 12 VDC. A power supply usually has one fan and also this is not a selectable alternative on a fan.

5. A technician is installing added memory in a computer. How have the right to the technician guarantee the the storage is effectively aligned?

The brand on the memory module should constantly face the CPU.A notch in the storage module must be aligned v a notch in the storage slot.The arrows ~ above the storage module have to be aligned through the arrows on the motherboard slot.Memory slots are color coded, with one end red and one end blue.

6. What is supplied to avoid the motherboard indigenous touching metal portions the the computer case?

an I/O shieldthermal compoundstandoffsZIF sockets

Explanation: Screws and standoffs that are non-metallic may be insulators and also protect versus grounding.

7. Which statement explains the objective of one I/O connector plate?

It provides the I/O harbor of the motherboard easily accessible for link in a variety of computer cases.It plugs into the motherboard and also expands the variety of available slot for adapter cards.It provides multiple relationships for SATA hard drives to affix to the motherboard.It connect the PCIe adapter slots supplied for video clip directly to the CPU for quicker processing.

Explanation: The I/O key connects come the back of the case and also has holes because that each the the harbor on the motherboard to press through, permitting the motherboard to be offered in many different situations regardless that the number of ports on the plank or your layout.

8. What space three necessary considerations as soon as installing a CPU on a motherboard? (Choose three.)

Antistatic precautions room taken.The CPU is effectively aligned and also placed in the socket.The CPU contact are very first cleaned through isopropyl alcohol.The CPU warm sink and fan assembly are effectively installed.The CMOS EPROM battery is removed before installing the CPU.Maximum insertion force is applied to the load bar so the CPU is locked in place.

Explanation: The CPU is sensitive to static discharges. Its pins are really delicate and also it functions at high temperatures, therefore precautions have to be taken. If the CPU has been offered in another maker or if the fan is gift replaced, you can need to remove the old thermal compound making use of isopropyl alcohol (not top top the CPU contacts). The battery does not need to be eliminated from the motherboard during the CPU installation. This would reason the saved BIOS settings to it is in lost. Minimum pressure should be required to lock the CPU pack lever into place.

9. As soon as a new PC is gift built, which component has the most affect when picking the case and also power supply?

video cardsound cardRAM modulemotherboardhard disc type

Explanation: The choice of motherboard determines the kind of case and power supply. The form factor the a motherboard must match the form of case and also power supply. Ram modules, video cards, and also sound cards are installed on the motherboard. They must be compatible through the motherboard. A tough disk is attached to the case, however the dimensions of the journey bays are standardized.

10. I beg your pardon two factors must be considered when replacing old ram modules in a PC? (Choose two.)

The new RAM have to be compatible v BIOS or UEFI.The new RAM have to be compatible with the motherboard. The speed of the new RAM should be supported by the chipset.The power supply must provide the voltage that is requred through the new RAM.The new RAM must enhance the old ram in regards to capacity and also speed.

Explanation: when the ram on a motherboard is being changed or upgraded, the brand-new RAM module have to be compatible v the present motherboard. In addition, the speed of the new RAM must be supported by the chipset.

11. Describe the exhibit. In which ar of the motherboard would certainly a memory module it is in installed?


section Asection Bsection Csection D

Explanation: memory modules insert right into memory development slots that have a retaining clip at each end of the slot.

12. Which form of motherboard development slot sends out data one little bit at a time over a serial bus?


Explanation: A PCIe expansion slot connects to a serial bus that sends data one little bit at a time at a much quicker rate than the larger PCI slot that connects to a parallel bus.

13. Which pc motherboard bus is supplied to connect the CPU to RAM and other motherboard components?


Explanation: The front-side bus (FSB) is offered to affix the CPU to RAM, growth cards, and also other motherboard components. The speed of this bus is appropriate when selecting replacement motherboards and also RAM.

14. Where is buffered memory generally used?

gaming laptopsgaming computersbusiness PCsserverstablets

Explanation: Buffered memory is used in computers that have a the majority of RAM such together servers and high-end workstations. Buffered memory should be avoided in gaming, business, and also home computers since it slow the memory speed.

15. A technician has actually been inquiry to update a processor and needs to perform some research. The computer system is simply a pair of year old. What room two varieties of processor packages that could be provided inside the computer? (Choose two.)


Explanation: two architectures used with CPUs today are the pin grid selection (PGA) and also the soil grid array (LGA). The PGA has actually pins top top the bottom the the processor. The LGA has pins within the socket.

16. A college student is feather to include memory in order to rate up a tower computer. Which kind of memory module should the student be looking for?


Explanation: Motherboards in tower computers accept twin inline storage modules (DIMMs) in the memory growth slots. A motherboard support a particular kind of DIMM such together a DDR3 or DDR4 module.

17. Which type of journey is frequently installed in a 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) bay?

hard driveoptical driveflash driveSSD

Explanation: Optical cd driver are installed in 5.25 customs (13.34 cm) drive bays that space accessed native the front of the case. Flash cd driver typically connect to USB ports. SSDs and also hard drives typically install in a 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) drive bay or a 5.25 customs (13.34 cm) journey bay the is no accessed native the prior of the case. If the journey is smaller than the bay, a tray may be purchased.

18. A technician has actually been asked come order a replacement inner SATA HDD. Between which two kind factors will the technician have to choose? (Choose two.)

2.25 inch (5.72 cm)2.5 customs (6.35 cm) 3.5 customs (8.89 cm)5.5 customs (13.97 cm)6.25 customs (15.88 cm)

Explanation: because that tower computers, interior HDDs are accessible in the 3.5 and also 2.5 customs (8.89 cm and 6.35 cm) form factors. SSDs often tend to it is in the 2.5 inch type factor.

19. When shopping because that a instead of motherboard, a customer decides to likewise purchase a brand-new mechanical tough drive and also asks the technical salesperson for advice. I beg your pardon storage user interface should the salesperson recommend because that the motherboard and new drive?


Explanation: Mechanical difficult drives this particular day use SATA. Heritage PATA drives provided IDE and also EIDE. RAID 5 is a drive redundancy technology.

20. Which form of motherboard development slot has four varieties ranging indigenous x1 to x16 through each type having a different length of growth slot?


Explanation: The PCIe, or PCI Express, bus has four species of expansion slots with varying lengths: x1, x4, x8, and x16.

21. A technician is installing a brand-new high-end video adapter card into an expansion slot top top a motherboard. What may be necessary to run this video clip adapter card?

PCI development slotPCIe x 8 expansion slotTwo 8-pin strength connectors24-pin ATX strength connector

Explanation: once a high performance video clip adapter map is used, multiple strength connectors might be required. These connectors might each usage a 6-pin or 8-pin strength connector. Video clip adapter cards generally use the PCIe X 16 slot. A 24-pin ATX strength connector is offered to administer power come the motherboard.

22. Describe the exhibit. Which type of growth slot is shown?


AGPPCIPCIe x16memory

Explanation: The four development slots shown in the exhibit from left to right are the PCIe x1, PCI, PCIe x16, and PCIx1.

23. Describe the exhibit. Which maker is shown?


KVM switchmedia readeroptical driveSATA drive

Explanation: A media reader can be an exterior USB-attached maker or an internal device used to review or compose to media cards.

24. When assembling a PC, just how is pin 1 figured out on the front panel cables so the it have the right to be aligned appropriately with pen 1 top top the motherboard panel connector?

by a tiny arrow or notchby a to add signby a P1by a red cable

Explanation: each cable the connects to the front panel connector top top the motherboard is significant with a tiny arrow to identify which pen is pen 1 so that it deserve to be aligned with pin 1 ~ above the panel.

25. A technician is choosing a computer that will certainly be offered by one employee who wants to re-publishing a keyboard and also mouse among three devices. What is a significant consideration that demands to it is in taken right into account?

KVM switch

IT Essentials v6.0:

25. A brand-new technician has actually joined the that team and is about to organization a hefty printer. What advice would you provide this technician come avoid any injury when transporting the hefty printer to the company area?

Bend your knees to usage the strength in your legs to lift the printer.Avoid bending your knees once lifting the printer.Bend your back to choose the press up.Use her arms and back to lift the printer.

26. Just how does an inline UPS protect computer system equipment against electrical power brownouts and also blackouts?

by ground connection excess electric voltageby utilizing a battery to it is provided a constant level that voltageby convert from main power to a standby strength sourceby stopping the circulation of voltage to the computer

27. Which circumstance boosts the likelihood the ESD damage to a computer?

working in low levels the humidityusing a magnetic screwdriver while functioning on a tough driveplugging a printer into an UPSself grounding versus the computer system case

28. Which problem refers come a diminished voltage level the AC strength that lasts for an extended period of time?


29. What are two significant sources that EMI? (Choose two.)

infrared miceRAM moduleselectrical stormsLCD monitorspower lines

30. A technician is unpacking a brand-new PCIe video clip adapter from an antistatic bag to download the card in a desktop computer computer. I m sorry two procedures should the technician usage to protect the card and also other computer components? (Choose two.)

Use a grounded mat on the workbench.Use a correctly linked antistatic wrist strap.Shield the card and also computer from sources of EMI.Ensure that the workplace has a short humidity environment.Connect the computer system to a UPS while installing the card.

31. How should a technician dispose that an north inkjet press cartridge?

Refill it.Throw it away.Follow regional regulations because that disposal.Give it ago to the customer.

32. What makes CRT monitor handle dangerous for a technician who is managing the disposal?

potential breath hazardspotential explosive materialspotential residual high voltagepotential health-damaging chemicals

33. A technician is troubleshooting connectivity concerns to a PC and also needs come verify i beg your pardon cable is plugged into the correct port of the spot panel. What tool need to the technician use?

multimetertoner probepunch downcrimper

34. Which device is draft to ease or tighten crosshead screws?

phillips screwdriverhex driverflat head screwdrivertorx driver

35. What tool would a technician usage to remove a slotted screw?

flat head screwdriverhex driverneedle-nosed pliersPhillips head screwdriverTorx screwdriver

36. Which tool in windows OS offers a technician accessibility to initialize disks and create partitions?

Optimize DrivesDisk CleanupDisk ManagementFormatScandisk

37. Which windows OS tool scans the vital files the the operation system and also replaces any kind of files that have actually been corrupted?

ChkdskDefragDisk CleanupDisk ManagementScan SystemSystem file Checker

38. I beg your pardon tool should be used if a user demands to optimize space on a hard drive?

Optimize DrivesDisk ManagementFdiskFormat

39. Why is documentation of all services and also repairs vital organizational tool for a technician?

It increases the price of services and also repairs.It enables the public sharing of details on the Internet.It reduce the technical skills required of new technicians.It offers reference material for similar problems when they room encountered in the future.

40. Which tool could potentially reason data lose on difficult disk or floppy drives?

a magnetic screwdrivercompressed aira lead pencila computer vacuum cleaner

41. Why should an antistatic wrist strap it is in worn when working on electronic equipment?

to avoid interference from clothes and loosened jewelryto equalize the electrical charge between a person and the equipmentto prevent garments made that silk, polyester, or structure from generating a static chargeto draw static electricity away from a component and transfer the safely from devices to a ground connection point

42. I m sorry precaution have to be taken when working inside computer systems?

Avoid making use of magnetized tools.Leave the strength cord attached to an outlet for grounding.Wear ESD protection to repair monitors in humid environments.Avoid making use of ESD wrist straps and also ESD carpet simultaneously.

43. Which cleaning equipment is encourage to clean the contact of computer components?

rubbing alcoholisopropyl alcoholglass cleaner with ammoniawater that is mixed with a small amount that dishwashing liquid

44. Why need to a pencil never be used as a tool when working inside a computer?

Pencil lead is corrosive.Pencil command is conductive.

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A pencil can hold a revolution charge.The command in a pencil have the right to induce current.

45. A technician suspects the a power supply is faulty. How have the right to it be checked?

by checking the temperature that the power supplyby using a multimeterby taking apart the power supplyby powering increase the computer after disconnecting every connector in turn

46. Complement the steps of fire extinguisher operation to the bespeak in i m sorry they must be completed. (Not all choices are used.)