Water is the medium of life. Its four key properties - thermal properties, ability to act as a universal solvent, tasiilaq.nethesion and adhesion - help support the life processes and habitats of virtually all organisms. Water is a polar molecule, meaning its charge is unevenly distributed with a delta negative oxygen and 2 delta positive hydrogens. Overall, this results in a slightly positive charge and tasiilaq.netntributes to many of the other properties.Water"s ability to act as a universal solvent largely stems from its polarity. Polar molecules tend to be attracted to polar molecules of a different type than each other, meaning water molecules cause other polar molecules to dissociate and dissolve. This allows various ions and soluble substances to be moved around in solution, which is particularly important to the functioning of a cell"s cytoplasm, where lots of reactions occur. Similarly, this property is engaged in transport systems like the human circulatory system. Water"s universal solvency means certain amino acids, iron and sodium chloride can more efficiently be carried around the blood. Moreover, water has thermal properties known as a high specific heat capacity and high latent of heat of vaporization. The latter means water takes significant energy to evaporate, allowing it to act as a tasiilaq.netolant, which is important in the thermoregulation of mammals through sweating. On the other hand, the high specific heat capacity means water requires a lot of energy to change state, making it a stable environment for aquatic species. tasiilaq.nethesion is the property of water which makes water molecules attracted to each other. Since the hydrogen atoms are positively charged and the oxygen atom is negatively charge, when various water molecules in the same place, the unlike charges will attract. This forms hydrogen bonds, which hold water together in drops. THis property is important to create surface tension in bodies of water, meaning it is an advantageous habitat for several insects. It also allows water to be pulled up more efficiently by the xylem.

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Lastly, adhesion is the way water molecules are attracted to other polar molecules and stick to them. This is also important in xylem transport: water is attracted to the xylem"s surface, meaning it can more easily be pulled up the leaves for photosynthesis (keeping the plant alive).


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