southern America has actually 12 sovereign states; only Bolivia and Paraguay space are landlocked. that the 12 countries of south America, two are landlocked: Bolivia and Paraguay. Interestingly, both countries have a navy regardless of not having a sea border. Bolivia walk not begin out landlocked, but rather shed land once in war through Chile.

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Landlocked countries Of south America

A landlocked country is a country that is totally bordered by land and has no accessibility to maritime water bodies. Southern America has actually 12 sovereign states and of the 12, only two are landlocked: Bolivia and Paraguay. Bolivia and Paraguay room the just landlocked nations outside the Afro-Eurasian plate, which is comprised of Asia, Africa, and also Europe.

Bolivia, 1,083,300 Km2

Map the Bolivia.
Bolivia is situated in the western-central component of southern America. The resources city of Bolivia is Sucre. However, the chair of the government is located in La Paz. Bolivia, at 1,083,300 km2, is the biggest landlocked country in southern America. The country is bordered by Brazil come the north and also to the east, Paraguay to the southeast, Argentina come the south, Peru come the northwest, and also Chile come the southwest.

Initially, Bolivia was no landlocked. It had a coastline along the Pacific Ocean. However, during the war of the Pacific the was fought between 1879 and 1883, Bolivia shed its coast to Chile. On march 23 the every year, Bolivians celebrate "The job of the Sea" come commemorate their shed coastline and also their sea access. The is fairly intriguing the Bolivia, even after becoming landlocked, still has a navy. It supplies Lake Titicaca because that its marine training.

A contract of Peace and Friendship to be signed in between Chile and also Bolivia after Bolivia kept insisting that it be given accessibility to the sea. Chile thereafter developed a railway that would allow the Bolivians to access the sea through ease.

Paraguay, 397,300 Km2

Map of Paraguay.  The Republic of Paraguay is located in main South America. Because of its centrality in southern America, the is often referred to together the "Heart of southern America." It has a total area that 397,300 km2. Paraguay is the the smallest landlocked country in the Americas. The is bordered to the south and also to the southwest by Argentina, to the east and also to the northeast through Brazil, and also to the northwest by Bolivia.

Just prefer Bolivia, Paraguay, in spite of being landlocked, still has actually a navy since it can accessibility the Atlantic ocean through the Paraguay–Paraná Rivers.

How many Countries In southern America are Landlocked?

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CountryLand Area (km2)PopulationSurrounding Countries
Bolivia1,083,30011,673,021Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru
Paraguay397,3007,132,538Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil