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hatchet binary language
Definition the language computers use to procedure information, consisting of just the worths 1 and 0.

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Term central processing unit
Definition the part of the system unit the a computer system that is responsible because that data handling (or the brains of the computer); the is the largest and also most essential chip in the computer. It controls every the attributes performed through the computer"s other components and processes every the commands issued tp it by software application instructions.
Term installed computer
Definition a computer that is component of some greater product, choose a auto or airplane or cabinet phone.
Term ergonomics
Definition refers to just how a user sets increase his or her computer and also other equipment to minimize danger of injury or discomfort.
Term firmware
Term speed drives
Definition drives the plug right into a global serial bus (usb) harbor on a computer and also store data digitally. Additionally called usb drives.
Term input/output devices

input: hardware maker used come enter, or input, data (text, images, and sounds) and instructions (user responses and commands) into a computer; input tools include keyboards, mice, scanners, microphones, and digital cameras.

output: a device that sends processed data and information out of a computer in the form of text, images (graphics), sounds (audio), or video.

Term motherboard
Definition a unique circuit plank in the system unit that has the main processing unit, the storage chips, and the slots easily accessible for expansion cards. That is the largest printed circuit board; all the other boards (video cards, sound cards, and also so on) attach to the to receive power and to communicate.
Term network adapter
Definition adapter the enable the computer system (or peripheral) to connect with the network using a common data communication language, or protocol.
Term network user interface card
Definition an growth (or adapter) map that permits a computer system to connect with a network.
Term parallel processing
Definition a network computer system environment in i m sorry each computer works on a part of the same difficulty simultaneously.
Term firwire port
Definition a port based upon a standard developed by the institue of electrical and electronics engineers, through a transfer price of 400 megabits per second. This particular day it is most generally used come connnect digital video devices such together digital cameras to the computer.
Term parallel port
Definition a harbor that sends data in between devices in teams of bits at speed of 92 kilobits every second. Parallet ports were generally used to attach printers to computers.
Term usb port
Definition a port that can attach a wide selection of peripherals to the computer, consisting of keyboards, printers, zip drives, and digital cameras. Usb 2.0 transfers data in ~ 480 megabits per 2nd and is approximately 40 times much faster than the original usb port.
Term usb 2.0 port
Definition external bus the supports a data throughout of 480 megabits per second. These buses are backward compatible v buses making use of the initial universal serial bus standard.
Term bluetooth
Definition technology that provides radio waves to transmit data over brief distances.
Term growth hub
Definition a an equipment that connects to one port, such together a usb port, to provide additional new ports, similarto a multiplug expansion cord for electrical appliances.
Term irda
Definition a port based upon a standard arisen by the infrared data association for transmitting data. Irda port transmit data in between two gadgets using infrared light waves, comparable to a tv remote control. Irda ports have a best throughput of 4 megabits per second and require that a line of vision be maintaned between the 2 ports.
Term midi port
Definition a harbor for connecting digital muscial instruments, such together synthesizers, come a computer.
Term strength supply
Definition used to control the wall surface voltage to the voltages forced by the computer system chips; it is housed inside the system unit.
Term ram memory
Definition the computer"s an innovation storage an are or momentary memory. It is located as a collection of chips ~ above the device unit"s motherboard, and also its volume is measured in megabytes.
Term read-only memory
Definition a collection of memory chips situated on the motherboard the stores data and instructions the cannot be changed or erased; the holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up.
Term sound card
Definition an development card the attaches come the motherboard inside the mechanism unit that permits the computer system to develop sounds.
Term mechanism unit
Definition the metal or plastic situation that holds all the physical parts of the computer system together, including the computer"s processor (its brains), its memory, and also the numerous circuit board that aid the computer system function.
Term video clip card
Definition an development card the is mounted inside a mechanism unit to analyze binary data (the 1s and also 0s your computer system uses) right into the pictures viewed top top the monitor.
Term agp
Term directx
Term hardware acceleration
Definition speeding up any component of the computer that you can physically touch.
Term modeled world
Definition part of a video game system
Term pci express
Definition a card the fits right into a pci expansion port
Term rendering
Definition transferring a 3d picture into a 2d image for computer system screen purposes
Term video clip ram
Definition the random accessibility memory had with a video card.
Term bit
Definition a number that corresponds to the on and also off states of a computer"s switches. A bit consists of either a worth of 0 or 1.
Term blu-ray
Definition the brand-new advance in high def, taking over dvds.
Term byte
Definition eight bits.
Term cd-rom
Definition a portable, read-only optical warehouse device.
Term cd-rw
Definition a portable, optical storage device that can be written and also rewritten to countless times.
Term dvd
Term kilobyte
Definition approximately 1,000 bytes.
Term megabyte
Definition about a million bytes.
Term raid
Definition random array of inexpensive discs
Term digital memory
Definition the an are on the hard drive the the operating mechanism stores data come if girlfriend don"t have sufficient random access memory come hold all of the program you"re at this time trying come run.
Term gigabyte
Definition about a exchange rate bytes.

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Term terabyte
Definition about one sunshine bytes.