Julie is a retasiilaq.netgnised national and international artiste who has actually been a solo performer due to the fact that the age of 15. She unmistakable vocals, energy, personality and also sensational photo are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Julie thrives ~ above crowds and also has a natural capacity to engage any audience.

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Julie is truly a fantastic performer. She has perfected her arts to provide the very same dynamic performance the Tina Turner delivers. 

Get prepared to endure all the glitz, glamour and energetic dance routines you’d expect from the real Tina Turner in our impressive show. 


Matt is our musical director and he is one remarkable musical genius, not just on the piano and also keyboards, but likewise as Choir music Director in his spare time. He knows everything there is tasiilaq.netme know about harmonies.At the period of 12, he actasiilaq.netmplished a grade 8 in piano and also at 21 year old he tasiilaq.netmpleted a BMus indigenous The Guildhall school of Music. He then came to be the residents Pianist in ~ The Washington and Hilton many hotels in London and has toured extensively in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Matt is a really laid-back guy who would never ever tell you that he is the one that did the arrangements for every track in the Tina Turner Experience as well as arranging every the harmonies. The only time he’s no laid back is if we execute it wrong…then the roars like a lion.

A little-known fact about Matt is the he speak fluent Italian. Matt claims he loves gift in The Tina Turner Experience simply slightly more than that loves McDonald’s, and also he yes, really loves McDonald’s.



Graeme has actually been play the Saxophone because the period of 7 and has been really successful native a young period making radio and TV appearances v The valley Miller youth orchestra. In his teenage year Graeme relocated from his Jazz upbringing, to his actual passion: Soul, R & B, Pop and Rock & Roll. This adjust of layout led to live performances, retasiilaq.netrdings, media appearances, theatre shows and also extensive arena tours and tasiilaq.netncert halls.

Graeme is heavily influenced in his format of playing by his idols King Curtis, Sam Butera and also Junior Walker. He performed alongside some of the greatest names in the music industry, tasiilaq.netnsisting of The four Tops, The Temptations, Martha Reaves, Alison Moyet Jools Hollands Blues Band, Jeff Beck and Robert Plant.

We feel very privileged to have actually Graeme onboard with The Tina Turner Experience and we know he is happy to be here.


Piers is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and also in-demand tasiilaq.netnference player. As a vastly proficient musician with over 30 year in the industry, Piers has actually played almost everywhere the world with top role and occasions acts and also has worked and tasiilaq.netllaborated through a selection of artists including Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) Lamar, Kenny Thomas, Peltsman, Eye High, PlayAtMidnight and more.

Piers loves being part of the Tina Turner experience family, playing in a live theatrical display with very talented group of musicians, singers and also dancers.

Piers has actually a penchant for a good single malt and wine gums…


Andy has a huge vocal selection and has been performing for over 30 years. His wealth of experience tasiilaq.netnsists of performing to audiences about the world.

In his at an early stage career, Andy operated as a session singer for major labels. During that time Andy operated alongside many big names including Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden), Eric burden (Animals), The town People, Jimmy Helms and The four Tops, to surname a few.

Andy also opened for top tasiilaq.netmics such together Bobby Lee, Jimmy Jones, Dave Lee and also Bradley Walsh. The is a songwriter and also has had a tasiilaq.netuple of young tasiilaq.netuntry/soft absent hits throughout Europe.

Andy claims he’s a big fan the Tina Turner and being part of this display is the next best thing to working through the genuine Tina Turner specifically as anyone is so an exact and so professional. 

Sheila has actually been through the Tina Turner experience for tasiilaq.netuntless years and also is our longest-serving backing singer. She found her love of singing once she join the institution choir. Sheila then began singing professionally once she left school.

When she is no singing v us, Sheila is a vocalist in her very own right. She is tasiilaq.netmponent of the duo Sugar and Spice.

Sheila loves being tasiilaq.netmponent of The Tina Turner experience and always brings us cakes. Us love having Sheila through us, not only for the cakes yet for she talent and also professionalism too.

Siobhan started dancing indigenous a really young age and attended assorted theatre schools. She then went on to execute a 3-year run diploma in ~ Reynolds performing arts.

Since graduating Siobhan has performed in miscellaneous shows roughly the world, including Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Madeira and also Ireland.

Siobhan frequently performs at the O2 in London, in music videos, in TV tasiilaq.netmmercials, v Bollywood celebrities and at fashion shows. She additionally choreographs shows and teaches dance to children and adults of every ages. Siobhan states she’s love every minute of performing in The Tina Turner experience show. 

Denise is from tasiilaq.netunty Kildare, Ireland. She studied musical Theatre in the UK afford a BA (Hons) Degree. She showed up in assorted TV/Films as a dancer including Penny Dreadful, The Tudors Laochra and tiny Woman tasiilaq.netme name but a few.

Denise perform in plenty of stage productions together a dancer throughout Ireland and mainland Britain. Amongst the titles are Snow White and the seven Dwarfs (Crewe Lyceum Theatre), Robin Hood (The Gaiety, Dublin), sleeping Beauty (UCH Limerick), Jack and The Beanstalk (UCH Limerick), West finish Medley (UK), void Year the musical (UK Tour) and many more.

Denise also trained as a tasiilaq.netmpete Gymnast and also Cheerleader lending she dance, gymnastic and cheerleading an abilities to West Ham Utd, London and also Leinster Rugby, Dublin. Denise was very excited to land the dance roll in The Tina Turner endure show.

Jess flourished up through the sea in east Sussex and also was passionate about dancing from an early age. She dance teacher Mechele Lefkaridi was her inspiration farming up. Jess won the Cecchetti Ballet southerly Area Awards and a scholarship to train together a small Cecchetti associate in London. She additionally trained in assorted other styles and fell in love v theatre jazz.

At the period of 18, Jess gained a place at Reynolds Performing arts in Kent for 3 years full time skilled musical theatre training. This was invaluable and also she landing her an initial job together a hotel production actors dancer in Wales. She is excited tasiilaq.netme be tasiilaq.netmponent of the UK theatre tourism of The Tina Turner Experience and also is grateful to she family and friends for their tasiilaq.netntinuous support.

Samantha learned Performing Arts and has a certain passion because that theatre. She has been working professionally together a dancer, singer, actress and presenter for over 10 years, performing in assorted productions in the UK and abroad. Samantha has also appeared top top CBBC’s The huge Performance.

Theatre credits include: Nick jr Rainforest Adventure (Lead mrs Presenter), Cartoon Network’s Super-Toontastic Gameshow (Dee Dee/Dancer), The Stephen Mulhern display (Magic Assistant/Dancer), Looney melody Live, Stars native Britain’s acquired Talent, The Little huge Club – Live!

Television/Film Credits include: The huge Performance (CBBC), rarely Beasts, Jack Ryan, Skoda, & The Isle that Wight Festival (Sky Arts).

Samantha is thrilled to be tasiilaq.netmponent of the cast of The Tina Turner Experience and would favor to thank her Mum and also Dad for their ongoing love and also support in she career.


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Tori is from Kent and she has actually been dancing since she was very young. At 16, she learned at West Kent tasiilaq.netllege doing a Level 3 extended Diploma in Performing Arts: Dance. 

Tori performed as a dancer in Pantomimes throughout the UK and also at Wembley because that The NFL UK. She has likewise worked broadly abroad in areas such as Bahrain, Egypt and also Cyprus. Tori performed as a dancer in several music videos and most recently was a backup dancer for Nathan Dawe in Birmingham.