Unintelligent laying hen on pet Farm. Castle initially totally behind the rebellion and also the ideals of pet Farm but end up being somewhat disillusioned—and terrified—when Napoleon insists that they should surrender their eggs. The hens’ rebellion is unsuccessful, and nine die over the course of their five-day resistance. The hens correspond to the Ukrainian peasants that attempted to withstand Stalin’s five-year plan and died.

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The timeline listed below shows whereby the personality The Hens appears in Animal Farm. The colored dots and also icons show which themes are associated with the appearance.

...all the pigs come in first and settle best in front of the platform. The hens and also pigeons perch in windows and the rafters; the sheep and also cows clear up behind the...(full context)

Every animal, down to the ducks and also the hens, works tough to lug the hay in. The pigs space clever sufficient to figure out...(full context)


...farmhouse in the evenings. Snowball organizes committees such as the Egg manufacturing Committee because that the hens and also the Whiter Wool movement for the sheep, yet these jobs fail. His only success...(full context)
...they need. He is going to sell hay, wheat, and later, probably eggs. Napoleon tells the hens that they need to welcome this sacrifice.(full context)
...and dogs surround him. Squealer conducts the Sunday meetings. One morning, the announces that the hens will must surrender your eggs: Napoleon entered into a contract to profession 400 eggs...(full context)
Napoleon asks that else has actually something to confess. Three hens confess that in a dream, Snowball said them come disobey Napoleon. A goose confesses to...(full context)
...and destroy the windmill. Pinchfield supposedly still residences Snowball too, and in the summer, 3 hens confess the Snowball influenced them to shot to killing Napoleon. After their execution, Napoleon begins...

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(full context)
...on money. The pets need building materials and also sugar because that Napoleon, so Napoleon increases the hens’ egg quota come 600 every week. He reduces rations double over the winter, despite the...(full context)
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