Janie Fricke struggle the country and western music step in the 1970s and also was highly provided and very popular, specifically during the te of the 1980s. Now, at age 73, she proceeds to bring her torch that singing and also sharing her musical talents v folks everywhere the country.

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Janie defiantly says, “I am definitely not retired. I still tour and enjoy sharing my music wherever the road might lead me.”

Growing increase in Indiana, her schooling, and also early year of singing

It was probably unpreventable that Janie Fricke would end up being a singer, yet she took a somewhat unusual path to acquire there. Despite growing up in a music family and spending much of her childhood to sing at home, school, and in a “little church increase the road”, it did not occur to Janie that music might be a profession. While studying for she bachelor"s level in elementary education and learning at Indiana University, she kept energetic musically. The remained more of a hobby, though, and not a major career selection at the time. It was only once she started earning extra money by singing commercial jingles that she started to watch that music could actually earn her a living.

This naturally gifted singer to be born mrs Marie Fricke ~ above December 19, 1947, in southern Whitley, Indiana, the daughter the a guitar-playing father and also a mommy who teach piano lessons and played the organ in their regional church. Growing up on she family"s 400-acre farm in northern Indiana, she was surrounded by music virtually from birth. If still rather young, she learned to play the etc from her father and the piano from she mother. By the moment she to be 10, Janie to be singing consistently in church and also school.

Janie recalls, "Music remained in our family members ever because I was a small girl, for this reason I enjoyed music and also the art of making music because the age of 7 or eight year old. Ns didn"t think i was walk to do it a profession. The was just what i enjoyed and also it to be fun. The didn"t also occur come me that it might end up being a profession for me on under the line."

Although she grew up in landscape Indiana and also later winner her best fame together a country singer, Janie showed small interest in nation music together a child. She relays, "My family members was constantly encouraging me come sing all of the popular music songs that the time, so we were buying paper music and also I was singing Dusty Springfield and Rita Coolidge – anything the was a solid pop song at the time. So i was no your average nation singer farming up on the farm and also just singing nation music. Musically, i was technically trained to review music and also play the piano."

After graduating indigenous high school, Fricke headed to Indiana university at Bloomington to examine for she bachelor"s degree in primary school education. She had long collection her sights top top a career together a grade college teacher. Offered her music childhood, it to be not an especially surprising that she got connected with the school"s renowned Singing Hoosiers, a chorale ensemble that has toured extensively in the unified States and abroad. Yet music remained just a pleasant way to invest some totally free time because that Janie. It was only when she started earning money to sing commercials the she started to watch music in a whole brand-new light. She realized the she could indeed knife a living v her music and became therefore excited in ~ the opportunity that she to be seriously tempted to quit college and also devote every her time to singing jingles.

However, her mother insisted the she proceed her researches at Indiana, therefore Janie put her desires on organize while she finished work-related on she bachelor"s degree. She did manage to keep energetic musically during the remainder of she college career by "singing in small clubs and singing for any type of event ns could since I loved to sing...," Janie recalls. In fact, Janie shares, “I dropped the end of college two various times – every in the surname of music. Thus, it take it me six years to complete my degree. Music come along and also saved me, for this reason I never really had actually to use my degree, but I’m therefore happy that i listened to mine mother’s advice and completed my college education.”

Janie becomes a studio singer

After she college year had ended in 1972, Janie additionally developed an interest in studio work and some that the behind-the-scenes facets involved in recording. She headed to Los Angeles, California, to view if she might make a living together a studio singer. Finding it difficult to break right into the organization on the West Coast, she didn"t continue to be long. In 1975, she an initial transitioned come Memphis, Tennessee, whereby she would perform for advertising agents and also their various commodities that they to be pedaling. She discovered some great success there, yet then turned her attention to relocate on to Nashville, Tennessee, where she joined the Lea mrs Singers, a team specializing in lift vocals. The group frequently recorded as plenty of as three sessions a day, five days a week. In her several years doing studio work, both through the group and solo, she sang lift on thousands of albums. She also continued to job-related as a jingle singer, record commercials because that such corporate giants as united Airlines, Coca-Cola, 7-Up, and Red Lobster. She additionally spent part time functioning as a studio singer in Dallas, Texas.

However, ~ a few years in Nashville, Fricke became one that the city"s many sought-after studio singers, offering background vocals for such stars together Elvis Presley (on his last album), crystal Gayle, Ronnie Milsap, Conway Twitty, Tanya Tucker, Al Green, Eddie Rabbit, and also Barbara Mandrell.

Some that the far better known singles on i m sorry she sang background encompass Presley"s "My Way," Conway Twitty"s "I"d Love to Lay friend Down," crystal Gayle"s "I"ll get Over You," and also Tanya Tucker"s "Here"s part Love."

However, it was her work as background vocalist on several recordings by Johnny Duncan that very first brought Janie to national attention. After providing uncredited elevator vocals because that such Duncan hits such together "Jo and also the Cowboy," "Thinkin" that a Rendezvous," "It Couldn"t have Been any Better," and also "Stranger," she was lastly rewarded when she was offered equal billing v Duncan top top a single titled "Come a small Bit Closer." the was most likely her contribution to Duncan"s number one fight "Stranger" in 1977 that produced the many interest. In the song, Janie sang the line, "Shut the end the light and lead me...." hundreds of listeners want to know the identity of the "mystery singer."

Janie recalls exactly how she came to sing the line the was to take her into the limelight: Janie says, "I was a backup singer in the studio at the time, and during a session they needed a girl to sing a pair of lines, for this reason I taken place to obtain the task of to sing the heat on the record. There again, fate had it lined up for me."

A solo job of she own

The nation music industry lastly took an alert as Janie’s voice to be heard on duets with large name artists favor Merle Haggard and also Moe Bandy, leading she to her very first major record contract. Prior to long she had recorded duets v some of country music"s other top male singers including Charlie Rich, George Jones, beam Charles, and Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers. Follow to Janie Fricke"s website, Fricke soon began to dominate the country charts v smash hits such as Don’t worry ‘ Bout Me Baby, he is a Heartache and You’re Heart’s not In It. It was only a matter of time prior to she began winning awards together as: country Music Association’s mrs Vocalist of the Year (for 1982 and 1983), Music City News woman Vocalist of the Year, “Billboard” Top country Female Vocalist, “Cash Bed’ Top nation Female Vocalist, Academy of nation Music mrs Vocalist the the Year, British-based country Music round Up Most renowned International female Solo Act, and also she was liked to the nation Music hall of reputation Walkway the Stars. Twice she has been nominated because that the coveted Grammy Award, (once for she It ain’t simple Being Easy). In her recording career, Janie has actually released 23 albums and also 36 hit singles – and she has had actually 18 #1 struggle singles during her lifetime.

Janie admits, “One the her greatest honors because that me was being may be to sing for four various presidents: #38 – Gerald Ford; #40 – Ronald Reagan; #41 George H.W. Bush; and also #43 - George W. Bush.”

Personal info regarding her exclusive life

When she has time to relax, she loves to invest time at house with she husband Jeff Steele and her animals. She has actually lived top top a tiny ranch in southern Dallas County because that 40 years. She and Jeff have actually been married because that 26 years. She frequently attends church close to her home, as she proceeds to recognize her Christian root from when she was cultivation up in Indiana. Thankful because that her numerous blessings, Janie feels this values have actually helped her end up being the mrs she is today. Native an Indiana farm yard girl come an globally acclaimed record artist, she has never shed the pure heart and love that music that introduced her career so numerous years ago. And also today, Janie Fricke continues to love music and enjoys touring around the country sharing her craft.

Some of her upcoming concert are noted as: Hiawassee, Georgia top top September 4; brand-new Braunfels, Texas ~ above September 17; mountain Home, Texas top top September 18; Centerville, Texas ~ above September 25 (private event); and also Huntsville, Alabama top top October 12.

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Janie relays, “I am really excited around a huge private occasion where I will be headlining in new York City in December at the American background Museum. It need to be great fun, and also what a wonderful time to it is in in NYC throughout the holidays.”

Janie confides, “I have actually thoroughly delighted in my to sing career. It has been a wonderful experience and also it has actually been an extremely rewarding, however the hardest component of it room the sacrifices that have had actually to be made along the way.”

Her most recent CD release was from last September, a 2020 Christmas repertoire of songs through the CD location of “A Cowgirl nation Christmas”. She also recommends her August 2019 release dubbed “Janie Fricke’s that Ain’t basic – The finish Hits” - a collection of 40 award-winning songs, consisting of several memorable duets.

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