Stephanie Mills has actually one that the most powerful voices in soul music history and she likewise probably has actually one the the most short lived marital relationships to a fellow R&B singer in heart music background as well.

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In 1980, the “Power the Love” singer jumped the broom with a popular R&B singer that the so late 70’s and also 80’s era. At the time, few of their family and friends hated the fact that they said “I do” to each other, but Stephanie and her guy were identified to make their love and also their marriage work. If you’re a fan of old institution R&B music, you recognize her ex-husband really well, even if you may not have actually known the they were when in wedded bliss in ~ the height of their careers. Keep SCROLLING TO watch WHO he IS…


Now I know what several of you may be thinking: ‘Wasn’t Jeffrey in a lengthy term partnership with his other Shalamar member, Jody Watley, during that time? The answer is ‘yes,’ but the price is likewise ‘no.’

Shalamar (L-R) Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley and also Howard Hewett; 1981 (Photo through Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

While it is true that Jeffrey and Jody were seriously dating in the so late 70’s, things go sour in between them. So they damaged up and also both the them relocated on with their love-lives, but Shalamar remained together. That’s once Jeffrey met Stephanie.

Stephanie Mills and also her climate husband, Shalamar member, Jeffrey Daniel

Stephanie Mills discover Why marital relationship To Jeffrey Daniels fell Apart

Jeffrey and also Stephanie married just a couple of short month after lock were introduced by a common friend and remember we mentioned that several of their family and also friends hated that they to be married? Mills revealed why in a past interview v Ebony Magazine. See the excerpts below:

Stephanie Mills:”My marital relationship was plagued through controversies and pressures native the moment Jeffrey and I determined to become husband and wife. Let’s simply say there have been some pressures -some human being actually- determined from the very beginning to keep us apart, and when we went ahead and also married, they walk everything feasible to break us up.”

SM: “Its’s no mystery that my family didn’t desire me to obtain married. My parental knew that i had comprised my mind to do it, for this reason I had actually their blessing, and also my mother was helping plan the wedding. However others in my family thought it would certainly be far better for me to remain home. They’ve always wanted to save me near by and also protect me. However I to be a complete grown woman as soon as I made decision to marry, and also I knew it was time for me to begin making my very own decisions around my life.”

EbonyMag: so what did you do?

SM: “I packed up my things, left my family , and also moved in with my sisters Judy in Los Angeles until I married and also found my very own place.

Stephanie and also Jeffrey to be married for over a year, prior to Stephanie filed for divorce in September the 1981. Native on the Old institution curb has constantly been that one of Stephanie’s sister seriously wanted her to host out for her ex-boyfriend, Michael Jackson (yes THE MJ…they were a pair back in the day), and eventually marry him one day.

There were likewise rumors the on Stephanie Mills’ and Jeffrey Daniel’s wedding day, among her sisters attempted to pull Stephanie the end of the car, just prior to she and Jeffrey were around to be whisked away right into marital bliss. But that was never confirmed, back Stephanie did admit to terminating she working connection with her sister, Audrey, approximately the very same time.

In that exact same Ebony interview, Stephanie likewise said that Jeffrey’s friend didn’t choose her, return she didn’t understand why.

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Like we always say, below at i LOVE OLD college MUSIC, countless of our favourite celebs walk through consistent trials and tribulations as with the rest of us, because they’re human. Much respect come Ms. Mills because that sharing her’s through the public.