Female celebrities who are lot taller than world think

There are durations in life as soon as the last thing you want to it is in is different, or to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes, every you want is to fit in, and also be prefer your friends. However while this is every true, the celebrities ~ above this list have learned just how to usage their elevation to your advantage, coming to love their stature and even seeing it as one of their biggest assets!

From singers to movie stars to models and also familiar encounters from the small screen, it appears as though we could all learn a point or two around embracing what our mammas offered us from this towering beauties.

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At 6’3”, Gwendoline was one of the tallest stars on video game of Thrones, i beg your pardon was more than likely for the best, as she played the personality Brienne, a warrior recognized for her unusual height.

Gwendoline Christie – 6’3”

While Gwendoline had actually to gain a lot of muscle because that the part, there were no distinct camera top to make the actress appear taller – that was all on her! i m so sad while at college Gwendoline was picked on for her height, but she has since adopted her natural stature – friend go, girl.

Nowadays, the actress is best known because that her role as Alex Vause for the Netflix original Orange Is the brand-new Black, where she was standing over all her mrs co-stars at a staggering 5’10” (incidentally, Laura stands at the same height as her OITNB co-star, Jason Biggs).

Laura Prepon – 5’10”

The former 70s present star additionally had an illustration in The Girl on the Train, and is at this time pregnant v her an initial child with fiancé Ben Foster. Us wonder if the baby will certainly inherit their mother’s height?

Khloe is the tallest the the 3 Kardashian sisters. Back she is the youngest sibling, she seems to have inherited the tall genes that her 2 older sisters, Kim and also Kourtney, have not.

Khloe Kardashian – 5’10”

The high genes need to run in the family, though, together Khloe is the specific same elevation as Kendall, she supermodel half-sister.

There isn’t much of a height difference in between Blake Lively and her acting husband, Ryan Reynolds, who clinches the win by a mere four inches over his wife.

Blake vivid – 5’10”

The actress shot come fame after she time in Gossip Girl playing Serena valve der Woodsen, yet has since appeared in such movies as The environment-friendly Lantern and also The period of Adaline. The couple share two daughters, James and also Ines, who look collection to take it after your parents in the elevation department.

Jane has had plenty that acting duties over the years, consisting of parts top top iCarly, Two and a half Men, and also Glee, however she has constantly been able to stand the end in the crowd for a very unique reason: her height, measure in in ~ 6 feet tall.

Jane Lynch – 6’0”

The actress towered over nearly every one of her Glee cast members, however wasn’t rather the tallest actress as Dot Jones, who had three inch on Jane. Her roles have actually seen woman take home a number of acting awards; this actress stands the end for every the appropriate reasons.

3rd absent from the sunlight actress, Kristen, was the tallest actress top top the show by a long shot, yet wasn’t fairly tall sufficient to beat co-star john Lithgow, who stood three inches over her.

Kristen Johnston – 6’1”

But in ~ a lining 6’1”, Kristen has an outstanding height every one of her own that has landed she some amazing acting opportunities. Also as 3rd Rock, the actress has additionally appeared in The Flintstones in Viva absent Vegas wherein she play Wilma Flintstone, and The Exes where she played the character of Holly Franklin.

This actress to be destined to reach the stars; by 14 years old Sigourney currently stood at 5’10”, yet managed come grow one more inch to take it her height up to an outstanding 5’11”. This actress do a name for herself in the alien franchise once she played Ellen Ripley.

Sigourney Weaver – 5’11”

Since climate Sigourney has actually been watched in Avatar and The Cabin in the Woods, in addition to voicing duties in WALL-E, and Finding Dory. This anointed “sci-fi queen” is able to dominate the acting world by standing above the competition.

As this actress stands in ~ a staggering 5’11”, that no wonder she started out her career by modeling because that the brother Vogue. However, it to be a part in Pulp Fiction that observed Uma reach the stars.

Uma Thurman – 5’11”

Playing the towering Beatrix Kiddo in death Bill to be just another rung top top the ladder come success because that this actress. Top top the red carpet she regularly towers over she co-stars, together if she didn’t stand the end enough currently for she poise and also eye-catching dresses.

Allison is a staggering 6-feet-tall, however prefers to refer to herself together 5’12”. This is due to the fact that the actress has actually admitted the being so tall has actually made her feeling self conscious over the years, but now she’s rocking she height.

Allison Janney – 6’0”

Allison has talked about how standing in ~ 6’3” in heels meant she was careful about beginning an exhilaration career, but it’s a an excellent thing she did, together she has landed a substantial number of fantastic roles in both movies and TV, such as The West Wing, Juno and The Help.

Aisha is offered to standing over the crowd, together the actress and talk present host has spoken about exactly how when growing up she to be often dual the elevation of she classmates. Spotting her in course pictures must’ve to be easy!

Aisha Tyler – 6’0”

Now standing in ~ 6’0”, Aisha absolutely has got to staggering heights, however has provided this come land a number of acting roles including roles as Charlie Wheeler in Friends, Mia Dickerson in CSI, and also Mother Nature in The Santa Clause.

An elf she absolutely isn’t, together Jenna procedures at a whopping 5’10”. Jenna is most known for she time as Dharma for the hit display Dharma & Greg, but has had a number of other roles consisting of parts in Two and also a half Men, accidentally on Purpose, and also Courting Alex.

Jenna Elfman – 5’10”

The actress stands practically as tall together her husband, Bodhi Elfman, however he just secures the victory at 5’11” (only as soon as she’s not wearing heels, though!). The pair have 2 sons together who look together though they can have inherited your parents’ height.

When starring on Friday Night Lights earlier in 2006, Adrianna to be the tallest actress on the present for the totality five years; her co-star Minka Kelly only measured to 5’5” – that’s fifty percent a foot shorter than Adrianna.

Adrianne Palicki – 5’11”

This no the just time Adrianna has been the tallest woman on collection as throughout her two years ~ above Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This actress towered over most of her co-stars, however was dwarfed by 6’6” co-star, Matt Willig.

Originally native the Netherlands, this actress never ever stopped cultivation until she got to an huge 6 feet tall. When Famke stands out on the red carpet in ~ the premiers that her recent movies, she has a price come pay; the actress has to get a most her shoes custom made.

Famke Janssen – 6’0”

Not just is Famke famous for her staggering height, however she likewise has dimension 11 feet – wow. Because that her role in GoldenEye the actress was wearing among her practice pairs to suit the part.

While being called as the Jolly Blonde gigantic may sound prefer a fun title to hold, being tall has come in ~ a price for the actress. Rebecca was when one the the shortest in her drama class, however a sudden growth spurt witnessed her quickly shoot up to 5’11”.

Rebecca Romijn – 5’11”

However, all that cultivation in such a brief time expected that Rebecca had to endure scoliosis – a curvature the the spine – which expected she remained in a the majority of pain throughout her teenage years.

Geena is among the couple of women in Hollywood to was standing at 6 feet or more, but she is proud to absent her elevation to the max. Not just does Geena celebrate she height, she additionally spends a many her time standing increase for ladies everywhere, campaigns for sex equality throughout the globe.

Geena Davis – 6’0”

Over the years we have actually seen the actress in Thelma & Louise, and also Stuart Little, and also in enhancement to her acting and also activism, Geena has actually actually on the U.S. Archery squad – what a woman!

Tilda is known to capture people’s eyes when she enters a room, together the actress is well-known for her eccentric and fashionable dress sense, however she likewise gets attention for standing at a tremendous 6 feet tall.

Tilda Swinton – 6’0”

Over the year Tilda has been seen in physician Strange, The grand Budapest Hotel, and as the narrator that Derek, but the actress has additionally been connected in modeling for power art and is additionally known for she fashion collaborations through Viktor & Rolf.

When Stacy Keibler was still date actor George Clooney, the 2 would commonly be checked out stand at around the same height. However, when she would certainly don she heels, Stacy would certainly tower end George.

Stacy Keibler – 5’11”

Before appearing in just how I Met your Mother, George Lopez, and Samurai Girl, Stacy had actually a effective career together a model and also a very successful seven-year stint together a wrestler top top the WWE. It seems as though Stacy deserve to stand over the compete in much more ways than one.

This Canadian actress make her name by modeling, and also it’s not hard to view why when she stands in ~ 5’10”. Natasha damaged into acting with her function in varieties which has actually lead to her likewise starring in the two sequel films, as well as acting in several various other movies.

Natasha Henstridge – 5’10”

Natasha was the taller fifty percent of her an initial marriage to Damian Chapa, however was dwarfed by she 6’4” second husband, Darius Campbell. Still, this hasn’t quit Natasha from appearing in end 60 productions throughout her career.

This is another actress ~ above the list that reaches the chuck 6 foot mark. Brooke landed she breakthrough duty when she was just 12 year old in the movie pretty Baby, which thrust her into a career extending forty years, making her an icon of the ’70s and also ’80s.

Brooke Shields – 6’0”

One of she most renowned roles was play the command character in unexpectedly Susan, yet the actress has additionally been actors in Two and a half Men, that ‘70s Show, and also Law and Order. Brooke was likewise once very close friends v legendary singer Michael Jackson.

This warrior dominated the acting human being when she landed the function of Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess. Her great height of 5’11” intended Lucy easily overshadowed any kind of competition for the role, but she has since gone on to have a effective acting career because the show’s finale in 2001.

Lucy Lawless – 5’11”

Lucy has appeared in Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and also Salem over the year that have all watched her it is in nominated for a variety of acting awards.

Jordin broke American Idol background not once, yet twice after her appearance back in 2007. Not just was the singer the youngest ever before winner in ~ 17 year old, yet she is also the tallest woman contestant they’ve had actually in the history of the show.

Jordin Sparks – 6’0”

Jordin certain does spark conversation with her brilliant compensation winning voice, and standing the end from the competition v her remarkable height; the singer is an additional in the 6 foot club. Once dating Jason Derulo, the 2 matched up perfectly in height.

It shouldn’t come together a surprise that the gorgeous, six-foot-tall Elle Macpherson started out as a model.

Elle Macpherson – 6’0”

However, end the years the Australian stunner has been able to break into the civilization of acting through her roles in Friends and Batman and Robin, and also as a TV host, top top such mirrors as Britain’s next Top Model and Fashion Star, in addition to her function as a guest mentor top top Australia’s following Top Model. Work-related it, girl!

This talented singer not just stands out for she distinctive vocals, however she is also 6 feet tall meaning Macy can keep she head above the competition v ease.

Macy Gray – 6’0”

Not only has actually Macy been nominated for 5 various Grammy Awards, in 2001 she ultimately took one residence for the ‘Best Female pop Vocal Performance’ of ns Try. End the years we’ve likewise had a possibility to check out Macy in miscellaneous productions, including Scary Movie 3, Spider-Man, and Fuller House.

This former weight lifter was as soon as at the optimal of she career when she was discovered by the show Knights and Warriors whereby she came to be one the the woman gladiators. In ~ 6’3″ dot was fairly the force to it is in reckoned with, which supposed her overwhelming height made it much easier for the actress come land the tough-girl roles.

Dorothy-Marie ‘Dot’ Jones – 6’3”

Dot has remained in Desperate Housewives, Lizzie McGuire, and Venice: The Series, however her many notable function has been as Shannon Beiste ~ above Glee.

This actress began her career together a version (it must go with the height), yet for the 19 months she to be married come Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte towered over her 5’10” husband, specifically when she was wearing a pair of high heels.

Brigitte Nielsen – 6’1”

Brigitte met her ex-husband on the collection of Rocky IV soon after she broke into acting, but has also been viewed in a variety of reality shows. Over the years the press have referred to as Brigitte together an Amazon as result of her 6’1” height.

She’s not the tallest singer ~ above the list, but this leader of the KatyCats has actually won 90 awards so far for she music. Katy rose to fame in 2007 once she released she album one of the Boys, and also since then she popularity has grown and grown – much like her height, together the singer currently stands at an exceptional 5’9” tall.

Katy Perry – 5’9”

Katy Perry is known to stand the end for she outrageous outfits, eccentric behaviour, and also impressive stage shows, yet standing for this reason tall means she’s not likely to gain overlooked also without she wacky wardrobe.

Over the years, Jennifer has actually pursued a vast variety of career options, however made her insurance claim to fame once she gotten in season three of the dispute show, American Idol.

Jennifer Hudson – 5’9”

Since climate Jennifer has likewise appeared in a number of movies and also TV shows, consisting of her compensation winning duty as Effie White for the movie Dreamgirls, in addition to appearances in The mystery Life the Bees, inside Amy Schumer, and Empire. At 5’9” Jennifer is maybe to save her head over the crowd to stand above the rest.

This actress can walk tall v her list of exhilaration achievements, aided by the reality she stands at 5’9”. If Cameron’s husband, Benji Madden, has actually risen come fame in the music world, at 5’6” that still needs to look approximately his mam who has actually three customs on she beau.

Cameron Diaz – 5’9”

While Cameron currently doesn’t organize a BAFTA or gold Globe award, the actress has appeared in at the very least 45 movies over the years, most of which have actually been remarkable hits.

Nicole’s husband, Keith Urban, is significantly shorter than his wife; Nicole towers end him top top a typical day in ~ 5’11”, but when the pair are top top the red carpet and also Nicole is glammed in heels on, it becomes an even greater difference.

Nicole Kidman – 5’11”

This actress has a huge number of awards at house – consisting of an Oscar for finest Actress – and also her star together a Hollywood has risen far above her currently statuesque physique.

This ten-time Grammy winner towers over the competition in ~ a staggering 5’11” tall. Taylor Swift no reaching new heights in she music career v her latest album, Reputation, she’s currently been there!

Taylor Swift – 5’11”

Her brand-new album came to be America’s hottest, after it sold much more than 1.2 million duplicates in the first week alone. With a pair of heels on, Taylor quickly reaches over the 6 foot mark; no competition deserve to stand in this star’s way.

Anyone who complies with women’s tennis, or knows anything around it, will know who Maria Sharapova is. She is pretty lot the best female tennis player in the world.

Maria Sharapova – 6’2”

Not only has she been ranked together number one a complete of five times, the amount of time she’s gone to the peak adds up to 21 weeks. Sharapova is an ext than simply a ranked athlete though, she is likewise a whopping six feet and also two customs tall.

Everyone knows models room tall. Lock tower over most normal people, and also then they add heels that give them one extra few inches on peak of them. Regardless of how tall castle are, however, they have to remain graceful, elegant, and poised at every times.

Gisele Bundchen – 5’11”

One that the best in the sector is Gisele Bundchen. She is far more than Tom Brady’s wife, that’s because that sure. Bundchen is one of the optimal paid models in the world, standing at 5 feet 11 inches. Let’s leaving it through this: Brady is 6′ 4″ and Gisele doesn’t look quick near him.

Whether you understand her from Jurassic Park, Wild, or huge Little Lies, there’s a good chance you understand who Laura Dern is. This talented actress has been do a name for herself because that years in the entertain industry and continues to do so to this day.

Laura Dern – 5’10”

A lesser known fact about Dern, however, is that she’s actually pretty tall. Measure up in in ~ 5 feet and 10 inches, she appears intimidating, yet those who know her would most likely say she is a trusted giant.

We already mentioned exactly how models room expected come strut down the runway and show turn off their long legs and also impressive heights, and Adriana Lima is an additional one who does this excellently.

Adriana Lima – 5’10”

The Brazilian beauty was the most well known Vitctoria secret Angel for her lengthy time to run from 1999 come 2018. She was additionally considered the many valuable. Human being were devastated, despite understanding, when the 5 foot 10 customs Lima announced she to be hanging up she wings for good.

Another talented ladies standing at 5 feet and also 10 customs is the lover Charlize Theron. While she is best known for her remarkable acting capability – especially in Monster and also Mad Max: Fury roadway – the southern African aboriginal is also recognized for her embraced children that she loves as her own.

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Charlize Theron – 5’10”

Theron is lengthy legged lady has been doing points her means for years and also she will probably continue to execute so for many years to come. Hopefully her future is together bright together it has actually been because that so numerous years.

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