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The 30cc, 4-cycle gas it is provided WEEDWACKER string Trimmer is powerful, produces much less noise, and eliminates the should mix gas and oil. It attributes a 17 in. Cutting broad that enables you to trim an ext grass in less time. The is fitted with attributes such as advanced 2-step beginning and a High-Capacity, Easy-Winding bump head so you can get to trimming quicker. The High Capacity basic Winding bump head holds 20 ft. That line. A large, multi-position, adjustable handle provides included control and easy right- or left-handed use. The WS405 WEEDWACKER string trimmer is attachment-capable to convert it into other lawn care products (attachments marketed separately).
an effective AND QUIET: 30cc, 4-cycle engine is cleaner and produces much less noise NO MIXING: 4-cycle advantage means no mix of gas and also oil progressed 2-STEP STARTING: Simplifies starting to simply prime and also pull big CUTTING WIDTH: 17 in. Cut width permits you come trim an ext grass in much less time HIGH-CAPACITY, EASY-WINDING bump HEAD: Feeds 0.095 in. Line and also holds approximately 20 ft. Of trimming heat EASY accessibility TO HARD-TO-REACH AREAS: Straight-shaft style makes it much easier to trim under bushes and other hard-to-reach spots adjustable FOR CONTROL: Large, multi-position adjustable handle for included control and easy right- or left-handed usage ATTACHMENT-CAPABLE: Compatible through the TrimmerPlus multi-yard tool system, to convert the WEEDWACKER trimmer to other lawn treatment products (attachments marketed separately)

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We’re i was sure of the high quality of our products and we’ll repair, without charge, any defects because of faulty materials or workmanship in ~ the stated warranty.

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