The teenage actress who is the voice behind "Dora the Explorer" allegedly gained a girl friend expelled indigenous a exclusive high institution in Chelsea in December after persuading the younger teenager to shot a water vaporizer pipe in the institution bathroom.

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Nadia Leonelli and also Fredrik Sundwall speak in court files the teens and also one other girl to be vaping caramel flavored water as soon as they were tattled on by a senior at methods The people School.

that there were no medicine involved. Not even tobacco. Three girls to be vaping top top caramel flavored water and were ratted out by a senior.

However, just their 14 year old daughter, determined as M.S., was forced to withdraw from the school, whereby tuition tops $40,000 a year. Fatima Ptacek, 15, the voice behind Dora, got a three day suspension, and the 3rd girl was no disciplined at all.

The parents are suing the celeb-friendly Avenues, speak administrators were arbitrary and also capricious and also violated their very own policies through forcing their daughter come withdraw.


Actress Fatima Ptacek allegedly got her friend expelled after they both smoked a vape in the restroom of your school. (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

The parents said both their daughter and also Ptacek -- "overwhelmed by fear" -- originally denied the vaping charges when faced on the afternoon that Dec. 10 about what occurred in the girls" bathroom.

However, lock said, their daughter instantly confessed to them, saying she had actually succumbed come peer pressure and wanted to show up "cool" to Ptacek "because she is older 보다 M.S. And also is a celebrity, being the actress who does the voice of Dora the explorer on television and also having a movie nominated because that the Oscars."

Court papers say Ptacek did the very same with a written "confession" wherein she says she gained the vape pipe from a young in her grade.

"At first, us didn"t know exactly how to revolve it on, but then us figured the out," Ptacek is quoted together saying.


"We both sucked in native the vaporizer, but I to be a tiny scared, so ns didn"t inhale into my lungs but kept the in mine mouth," she wrote.

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Fatima Ptacek, who does the voice the “Dora the Explorer,” was only suspended for 3 days after being captured with the vape. (BONNIE OSBORNE)

Court files say the school has had actually to expel other students due to the fact that it opened four years earlier but those cases associated violence or significant drug use.