Twilight tends to it is in a franchise that elicits a lot the opinions and strong feelings from people. Whether it’s an intense annoyance or too much obsession, that divisive. However, the Twilight soundtracks are something numerous can agree on, nevertheless of the films: they’re good. Yes, really good. Few of the best movie soundtracks in the last two decades, maybe?

And Robert Pattinson’s two initial songs made their means onto the an initial album. He no a well known actor prior to Twilight and also enjoyed the anonymity that permitted him to do music in peace. However, they weren’t even added with his permission, in ~ first.

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Robert Pattinson and also Catherine Hardwicke promote ‘Twilight’ in ~ the Apple store on Nov. 3, 2008 | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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Robert Pattinson has 2 songs in ‘Twilight’

Diehard Twilight pan know about Pattinson’s song already, yet it might be tough to know otherwise. Pattinson’s singing voice is much different than his speak voice, and one of the songs is playing softly in the background.

After Edward saves Bella indigenous the gross men in port Angeles, they go to dinner. When they’re sitting and Edward finally reveals that he can read minds, apart from Bella’s, Pattinson’s tune “Never Think” is playing. Again, it’s subtle.

But the song that has actually a major spotlight is “Let Me Sign.” It’s play over the emotionally charged scene wherein Edward has actually to pick between turning Bella into a vampire or suck James’ venom out. As Bella sinks into unconsciousness, the tune is very prominent, v Pattinson’s voice really complimenting the scene nicely.

Even though Pattinson had the song done prior to the movie, and performed at pubs prior to he ended up being a renowned actor, he wasn’t planning to have any kind of songs in the movie. Or publication them in ~ all.

“I’ve never ever really tape-recorded anything — I simply played in pubs and also stuff — and also I really didn’t desire it come look choose I to be trying to cash in,” Pattinson told the Los Angeles Times, according to Bustle. “I expect it no come throughout as that. I’m not going to be doing any kind of music videos or anything. Music is my backup plan if acting fails. Ns don’t desire to placed all my egg in one basket.”

Pattinson’s 2 initial songs were put in the movie without his permission

Due come Pattinson’s desire to no look favor he was “cashing in” on his fame come jumpstart a music career, the only method they acquired in the movie was because of Catherin Hardwicke. Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, gained a organize of the songs and put them through the footage prior to Pattinson could say ‘No.’

“We have actually two of Rob’s yes, really songs that he did create in the movie. He developed them way before Twilight,” Hardwicke said the LA times in 2008. “They’re both haunting and just beautiful. Fantastic. The fans will certainly not be disappointed because that Rob, ns don’t think.”

Pattinson told the publishing in another interview prior to the movie came out that he doesn’t know how Hardwicke obtained ahold of them. He thought that possibly co-star Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) “snuck” them off his laptop. The publishing notes the Hardwicke convinced Pattinson to completely approve after see that cut footage.

Pattinson thinks the the soundtracks to be ‘ahead of their time’

Pattinson, again, to be a musician before signing on to it is in a sparkly vampire. Those songs on his computer were more than likely for his open up mic days, which he missed after ending up being famous.

“I provided to love play live at open up mic nights. It’d it is in cathartic. I typical it to be really crucial for me,” Pattinson told the LA times in 2008. Unfortunately, Pattinson was yes, really bummed around not gift able to perform that anymore. “I think, ‘Wow, I just lost a vast chunk of my life.’”

Over a te later, and Pattinson has only acquired bigger therefore don’t expect to see him at the neighborhood bar. However, as the years have actually gone by, he yes, really appreciates the newfound love the movies have actually received.

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“It’s a fascinating 2nd wave of human being appreciating it, which is type of cool,” Pattinson said USA this day in 2019. “I think as soon as anything i do not care a huge phenomenon, there’s always people who acquire annoyed since it’s simply everywhere. However now the seems like a retro thing: the soundtrack, the fashion. It’s like, ‘Oh, that’s so late 2000s."”

And speak of, Pattinson stated that he recorded New Moon top top TV at the time and also was reminded how an excellent the music the Twilight was.

“It genuinely does have actually an incredibly great soundtrack,” that said about New Moon, and then touched on castle all. “I fully forgot, however the soundtracks were quite ahead of your time.”

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