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Joshua 2:1-24 and also 6:22-25. Joshua sent two scouts or spies into the promised land. Castle both were looked after ~ by Rahab. They both brought ago a an excellent report to Joshua. Even to say: “The LORD has actually surely offered the entirety land into our hands; every the world are melting in fear due to the fact that of us.”

Joshua additionally sent these two messengers or two witnesses into Jericho to carry out Rahab and also family, together promised as soon as Israel attacked and also defeated Jericho.

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No surname are given to the two spies Joshua used, unequal the twelve spies provided by Moses, whose names space given, in addition to their tribes.

The actions of the 2 spies or 2 messengers and Rahab affected the family tree the Jesus. Rahab became the mother of Boaz, the kinsman redeemer of Ruth, whose child was Obed, that was the grand of King David.

Background Reading:

Rahab Receives 2 Scouts or Spies

2:1 after ~ this, Nun’s kid Joshua sent out two men from the Acacia groves together undercover scouts. The told them, “Go and look end the land. Pay unique attention to Jericho.” for this reason they went out, involved the residence of a prostitute named Rahab, and lodged there.

2 climate the king that Jericho was told, “Look! Israeli males arrived this evening to scout the end the land.”

3 for this reason the king the Jericho sent for Rahab and also ordered her, “Bring out the males who concerned visit you and lodged in your house, since they’ve involved scout out the entire land.”

4 now the woman had taken the 2 men and hid them. Therefore she replied, “The guys really did pertained to me, yet I didn’t know from where they came. 5 in ~ dusk, as soon as it was time to close the city gates, the males left. Ns don’t know where the men went. Seek them quickly, and also you might overtake them.”

6 but she had actually taken them up to the roof and had surprise them amongst stalks of flax the she had actually laid the end in order on the roof. 7 so the guys pursued them along the roadway that leads to the fords that the Jordan River. As soon as the find party had actually left, castle shut the city door after them.

Rahab looks for Protection

8 before the scouts had actually lain down, she went as much as them top top the roof 9 “I’m really persuaded that the mr has offered you the land,” she said, “because we’re overwhelmed with are afraid of you. All the other occupants of the land room demoralized at your presence, 10 because we heard just how the mr dried up the water of the Reed Sea appropriate in former of you together you were coming the end of Egypt, and also what girlfriend did come the two queens of the Amorites who were top top the various other side that the Jordan River—to Sihon and also Og—whom you totally destroyed. 11 when we heard these reports, we all became terrified and also discouraged because of you, because that the LORD her God is God in heaven above and ~ above the earth beneath. 12 currently therefore, because I’ve cure you so kindly, please swear in the name of the LORD the you’ll additionally be type to my father’s family by providing me this sure sign: 13S pare mine father, my mother, and also my brothers and sisters, together with everyone that belongs through them so us won’t it is in killed.”

A Promise the Protection

14 therefore the guys told her, “Our life because that yours—even come death—if you nothing betray this mission the ours. Then once the LORD gives us this land, fine treat girlfriend graciously and also faithfully.”

15 therefore she permit them down by a rope with the window, since her residence was built into the town wall where she lived. 16 She said them, “Go out to the hill country, therefore the search party won’t uncover you, and also hide for three days. After that, you may go on your very own way.”

17 The men replied, “We’ll be cost-free from our commitment come you come which did you do it obligated united state 18 as soon as we invade the land, if you nothing tie this rope made through red cords in the window through which you let united state down, and also if you nothing gather her father, your mother, her brothers, and every one of the remainder of her father’s family members into your house. 19 Everyone who leaves with the doors the your home into the street will certainly be responsible for his very own death, however we’ll it is in responsible because that anyone who continues to be with girlfriend in the residence if also so much as a hand is set on him. 20But if friend report this incident, fine be totally free from the oath to which did you do it made us swear.”

21 “Since you placed it that way,” she replied, “I agree.” after she sent out them ~ above their method and they had left, she tied the red cord in the window.

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The Scouts Report to Joshua

22 The scouts left because that the hill country and also remained over there for three days until the find party returned. The find party searched the whole road, yet was can not to uncover them. 23 Later, the two guys returned indigenous the hill country, crossed end the Jordan River, approached Nun’s boy Joshua, and also told him whatever that had happened come them. 24 They reported to Joshua, “The mr really has provided the entire land into our control. The inhabitants of the land have actually melted away best in front of us!”Joshua 2:1–24


The Scouts or spies

6:22 Joshua said the two men who had actually scouted the land, “Go right into the prostitute’s home and bring her out of it, along with everyone that is through her, just as girlfriend promised her.” 23 for this reason the young guys who had actually been scouts walk in and brought Rahab out, along with her father, her mother, she brothers, and everyone else that was with her. They carried her whole family the end and collection them external the camp the Israel. 24 climate the army collection fire to the city and also to whatever in it, except that they booked the silver, gold, and also vessels that bronze and also iron for the treasury the the LORD. 25 but Joshua spared Rahab the prostitute, along with her family and everyone that was v her. Her family members has resided in Israel ever since, because she hid the scouts who Joshua sent out to observe Jericho.Joshua 6:22-25