Chris Botti featuring Sting
Earl Klugh Trio
Bill Evans
Carmen McRae
The four Freshmen with S...

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Woody Herman
Don BradenMel Torme
Rank717MusicMichel Jean LegrandLyricsAlan BergmanMarilyn Bergman

Here are the height ten...

19301“Body and Soul”
19392“All the things You Are”
19444“"Round Midnight”
19355“I Can"t get Started (with You)”
19376“My Funny Valentine”
19427“Lover man (Oh, Where deserve to You Be)”
19308“What Is This Thing referred to as Love?”
194610“Stella through Starlight”
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Susan SackettHollywood Sings!: An within Look at Sixty years of Academy Award-Nominated SongsPub Overstock unlimited IncPaperback: 332 pages(6 paragraphs consisting of the following varieties of information: history.)

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Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman and also Michel Jean Legrand

1971608“The Summer Knows”
1969717“What are You doing the remainder of your Life”

Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Jacques luigi Demy and also Michel Jean Legrand

1967596“You Must think in Spring”

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